Automatic Acrylic Bending Machine

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This automatic acrylic bending machine is highly automated. Its folding angle is 0-180°, it can be adjusted manually, and it can be set manually. It is convenient and accurate, and it can guarantee uniform batch processing. In addition, the device also has a heating time alarm function. When you set the heating time, the heating will automatically alarm. Thereby improving the machining quality and reducing the technical requirements for the workers.

Its temperature is adjustable, and it can be added with water circulation cooling. This product is cheap, simple and practical. This machine can process plastic sheets of various materials. It effectively improves the working efficiency of operators.

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 ZD-1200      JW-1200         ZD-1200B


Model Bending width(mm) Power   supply(V ) Power(w) Heaters   Number(pcs) Remark 
ZD-12001200 220

1200*11The equipment uses an industrial compressor cooling system and the temperature of the working platform can be adjusted between 5 °C and 25 °C. As a result, the cooling work platform allows the product to be formed quickly and well, resulting in shorter processing times, optimum results and maximum efficiency.
JW-1200 1200 1200*2 2 2 work tables
2 heaters
Acrylic thickness≤6mm
JW-1500 1500 1500*2
JW-1800 1800 1800*2
JW-2400 2400 2400*2
ZD-1200B12001200*21 work table
2 heaters
Up and down heating
Acrylic thickness≤15mm is better


1. The equipment table is a thick stainless steel platform, which can ensure that the acrylic sheet is not subject to wear and scratches during the production process.

2. The integrated high-strength frame makes the work performance stable and easy to transport and install.

3. While bending, the automatic acrylic bending machine can be displaced and powered off by the heater, which makes the plate cooling and set faster, saves energy and makes the operation more reasonable.

4. The special multi-function positioning protractor makes the bending angle adjustable, controllable, accurate and convenient.

5. The company's unique heating and temperature equalizing device makes the sheet more uniform in heat.

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