Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine

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Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine

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Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine price Automatic Arcylic Bending Machine quotation
 ZD-1200      JW-1200         ZD-1200B

1. The entire angel from 0 to 180 is adjustable. 

2.Arc and other angel are available.

3.All the plexigalss and plastic material are available

4.Smooth bending place without overheating or bubbling.

5.Water cooling table.

Product Description

"Acrylic Bending Machine is used for heating and softening acrylic sheet, it is an equipment mainly used in acrylic, plexiglass, PC, 

PVC, processing. SBS, plastic sheet ,Through the accurate positioning point, the use of advanced infrared heating, water 

cooling system, automatic instant molding, it has the high speed, high efficiency effect. The workpiece is not easy to be deformed."

Automatic Acrylic Bending Machine

Model Bending width(mm) Power   supply(V ) Power(w)

Heaters Numbe


Cooling Systems
ZD-1200 1200 220 1200*1 1 Use of industrial compressor cooling system,
the temperature of the working platform
is adjustable between 5°C-25°C. The cool
working platform hence allows the products
to form quickly and nicely
achieving much shorter processing
time and best
forming for the very best result and highest efficiency.
ZD-1500 1500 220 1500*1 1
ZD-1800 1800 220 1800*1 1
ZD-2400 2400 220 2400*1 1

Model Bending width(mm) Power   supply(V ) Power(w) Heaters   Number(pcs) Remark 
JW-1200 1200 220 1200*2 2 2 work tables
2 heaters
Acrylic thickness≤6mm
JW-1500 1500 220 1500*2 2
JW-1800 1800 220 1800*2 2
JW-2400 2400 220 2400*2 2

Model Bending width(mm) Power   supply(V ) Power(w) Heaters   Number(pcs) Remark 
ZD-1200B 1200 220 1200*2 2 1 work table
2 heaters
Up and down heating
Acrylic thickness≤15mm is better
ZD-1500B 1500 220 1500*2 2
ZD-1800B 1800 220 1800*2 2
ZD-2400B 2400 220 2400*2 2

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