Artcut Software Free Cutting Plotter

Artcut Software Free Cutting Plotter
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The artcut software free cutting plotter is controlled by a computer, and the carving knife can engrave the text and images that have been designed on the computer on the engraved object. The plotter can also be used to cut paper or engrave materials in thin metal.

The machine comes standard with precision die cutting. This die-cutting function is suitable for small-format self-adhesive labels, car stickers, and garment transfer. Whether you are scribing or a different color map, you can do it on this machine.


1. The knurled paper feed shaft is equipped with a plurality of platen bars, which can change the cutting position and paper size at will.

2. The device adopts a closed type of fixed seat, so it is more stable during the engraving process, and the seat is not easy to slip due to looseness.

3. Silicone keyboard has many functions such as function, menu, reset, etc., so its operation panel is simple and easy to understand.

4. It can be inserted into a USB flash drive to work offline.

5. The intelligent compensation function enables it to be accurately closed, so it is easy and convenient to draw small characters.

Servo Cutting Plotter


This artcut software free cutting plotter can be used for label die-cutting and scribing, including precise scribing and die cutting of labels, signs, QR codes, stickers, and the like.

It can be used for garment drawing and cutting, inscriptions for drawing and cutting.