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The self adhesive vinyl for cutting plotteradopts high-speed servo control and full-range closed-loop positioning. In order to avoid various unexpected situations and to be able to output accurately, this device has a separate output manager that supports automatic background queuing printing of files. When the machine is abnormally stopped, the position can be automatically recorded, so it has an empty draw protection. When the network is automatically printed online, it can monitor various health conditions in real time.

The self adhesive vinyl for cutting plotter bracket is made of aluminum alloy and has the characteristics of light weight and no rust. At the same time, the head beam is made of high-hardness steel to ensure the quality of important parts of the machine. The side cover shell works fine. The front-loading paper loading system saves space and facilitates paper loading operations.

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Model: Seron-720 Seron-1350 Seron-1750
Max media size: 720mm 1350mm 1750mm
Max working wide: 630mm 1240mm 1660mm
Pinch roller quantity 4    Rollers 5    Rollers 7 Rollers
Cutting force: Stepper:0-510g; Servo:0-750g
Max. cutting speed: Stepper:600mm/s;Servo:960mm/s
Minimum alphabet symbol to cut on 5mm
Perforated cutting YES
Real cutter soft fall YES
Repeat cutting function YES
Pause in cutting YES
LCD display YES
Optical sensor to cut on printed image YES
ARMS/Optical sensor Servo; no stepper
ARMS/Optical sensor software Dragoncut
Blade type Roland
Repeat precision 0.01mm
Media 80-250g
Interface USB / RS-232
Basket Optional
Dictate format DM/PL HP/GL
Power AC90V-AC240V 50HZ-60HZ 60W
Drive Step / Servo
Packing size 97*34*43cm 160*34*41cm 207*36*51cm
Weight 28kg 38kg 52kg
Tracking 5m
Max.length of image

Usually we recommend users to cut no more than 5m. If the users are very professional, 8m or 10m is possible.

*Cutting head with 4 wheels

*Aluminum alloy construction, ABS end caps, welded steel stand

*Available with ARM for fully automatic contour

*Straight-line Max. Speed: 960mm/s  800mm/s

*Curve Max. Speed: 600m/s 300mm/s

*Motor & Driver: DC servo / Stepper motor

*Motor power: 25W / 40W

*Motor speed: 0-3500RPM

*Encoder signal: physical 1016line/round, logical 4064line/round

*Max force: 750g / 510g

*Cpu: 64bit DSP 32M Flash / 16 bit

*Mechanical resolution: 0.01254mm/pulse   0.0254mm/pulse


1. This device can work independently from the computer and support SD card;

2. It has a platen roller and a steel claw shaft. Leading high-speed curve smooth cutting operation function, as well as fine and detailed steel spine paper can ensure small cutting accuracy error;

3. It has strong pressure and low noise. The strong cutting pressure can cut high-strength reflective film material; the soft landing knife method makes the pressure high and the cutting noise is small;

4. Advanced control system (main board) adopts ARM Cortex-M3 high-performance 32-bit processor, supports all engraving software PC operating system Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 32-bit and 64-bit processor and MAC OS system;

5. Multi-style output interface, with serial port, USB, SD card;

6. Precision mechanical transmission ensures high efficiency and high quality transmission.

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