Servo Cutting Plotter

Servo Cutting Plotter
Product Details


This Servo Cutting Plotter can be engraved with high precision. Its output speed is fast, the precision is high, and the noise generated during the work is small. It supports U disk direct output, which can be used offline, without even computer operation. This machine is equipped with infrared automatic positioning function, and the cutting edge cutting is very accurate.


1. Automatic positioning system (optional): This Servo Cutting Plotter can automatically detect the positioning point and automatically generate a precise edge cutting path.

2. The imported steel thorn paper feed roller makes the long paper feed not offset, so its service life is long.

3. All-metal linear bearing pen: It has large knife pressure and fine adjustment, and good heat dissipation.

4. Built-in three bearings make the tool run more flexible and better.

5. The DSP processor is fast. The high subdivided constant current drive reduces noise and makes the system more stable.

6. It has a standard USB interface and supports U disk direct output, so the data transmission is more stable.

7. The all-aeronautical aluminum profile body has high speed and smoother operation.

8. The pressure roller has a two-stage pressure adjustment, making it easier to cut thicker materials.


This Servo Cutting Plotter can be easily applied to the following industries:

Store banner, silver screen, traffic sign, clothing drawing, vinyl drawing, paint protective film, high-strength reflective film, pre-transfer consumables, PVC cutting application, sandblasting rubber and window glue.