A3 A4 Stand

Product Details

A3 A4 Stand

This A3 A4 stand can display A3 A4 size posters. It can help you display your own products or services as billboards at the entrance of a shopping mall or hotel. Its surface is polished, brushed, sprayed and other processes, so the surface is smooth and delicate. The overall appearance of the display rack gives a sense of comfort.

The panel of the A3 A4 stand can be rotated 360° flexibly, and the height of the support rod can also be adjusted, so it is convenient and practical for different occasions. The border can be opened for changing posters, which is very easy. The bracket is foldable and easy to carry. It has been widely used in business halls, festivals, new products, and exhibitions.


1. This display stand is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which is treated with multi-layer process, so it is wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

2. The unique casing design allows it to freely lift and lower the height by adjusting the screw.

3. The anti-slip performance of the base is strong, which can prevent the contact surface of the bottom plate from being scratched with the floor, and its supporting force is strong, so it is not easy to be blown down by the wind even when used outdoors.

4. The large card slot is integrally formed with high quality materials. A sufficient depth of depression prevents the poster from dropping the card slot.

5. The joint is seamlessly welded by argon arc welding technology. The welding position is carefully polished and smooth without hurting the hand.


This display stand can be widely used in bakeries, food stores, clothing stores, shopping malls, conference halls, exhibitions, etc.