Beach Flag

Beach Flag
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The beach flag is a flag type used in the publicity and promotion advertising industry. Its unique flagpole design ensures that the flag is always open and fits with the freely rotating bearing base, so the content can be fully displayed regardless of the wind. This beach flag is used as an outdoor advertisement, which is very dynamic and has strong visibility and plays a good role in advertising. The structure of the beach flag pole made of aluminum alloy steel is solid, and it is not easy to be broken, so it can be used for a long time.

This kind of flag can be digitally printed, and the surface processing technology such as photo printing can be printed on various banner fabrics with beautiful patterns and advertising slogans. It is characterized by high precision, no dot, environmentally friendly process, waterproof, sun resistant, long service life, low price and no curling or deformation like photo printing.


1. This flag is waterproof, sun-proof, non-polluting, washable, and will not fade, so it can be used repeatedly.

2. The text on the banner has high definition, vivid graphics, bright colors, uniform color, eye-catching and strong visual effects, so its advertising effect is excellent.

3. Fabric products have soft and light texture, which are not easy to wrinkle, and have good environmental performance.

4. This product is easy to install, easy to carry and save, and can be used repeatedly.


This beach flag has replaced ordinary bunting or watermarking flag and has become the first choice for large outdoor events, such as races, cars 4S shops, and ohter high-end properties.