Light Box

Product Details


We are able to produce light boxes of various shapes. This blister light box uses three-dimensional luminous word processing technology. Because of its stable quality of acrylic materials, its products have the advantages of good light transmission, clear far-sight effect, high compressive strength, no fading, bright light and other characters. This light box has a long service life and is the first choice for a strong business.

It breaks through the traditional two-dimensional expression technique, and uses three-dimensional modeling to activate people's spatial imagination, and the three-dimensional shape is strong. Therefore, this product can attract people's attention and the advertising effect is good.


1. We have mold making by experienced technicians, so the mold has a high level of technology and accurate dimensions.

2. It is equipped with LED lights that can be illuminated at night, so it can be used both at day and night.

3. This form of advertising is economical and environmentally friendly, because acrylic materials can be completely recycled and reused.

4. The light box has high brightness and good display ability. The overall picture is clear and tidy, with a strong three-dimensional effect, long service life and good overall effect.

Place of use:

Inside and outside the large shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, beauty salons, supermarkets, KTV, bars, coffee shops, clothing stores, exhibitions, squares, and other places.