Roll Up

Product Details

Roll Up Introduction:

This rolled up banner is made of aluminum alloy. It is simple in shape and cheap in cost. It is very light and easy to transport, carry and store. And it is easy to install, easy to operate, reusable, and can also change display content. Therefore, it is economical and practical, and has an excellent effect on the promotion of enterprises.

This roll up banner is one of the most common portable displays. Generally, it has a reel at the bottom and a spring inside. When not in use, the poster can be rolled back into the reel. Pull it out when you need it and use a stick to support it at the back of the display. This product is suitable for meetings, exhibitions, exhibitions, publicity and other occasions. It is the first choice for high-end brand display equipment.


1. All-aluminum alloy base, giving it strong support, which is sturdy and durable.

2. Three-stage design is convenient and quick to store and install.

3. There are sturdy side covers at both ends of the base, which makes the internal structure more firm and not easy to fall off.


A. Take out the roll-up of the main pole in the roll-up;

B. Open the two brackets at the bottom of the roll-up, so that they stand upright on the ground;

C. Install the main pole and the bottom bracket;

D. Pull the screen to connect it with the main pole;

E. Adjust the installation screen to make it flat and beautiful.


Due to the temperature of each place, the sides of the poster are likely to cause slight curling. Therefore, it is recommended that the poster be kept up for a long time when not in use.