Dx5 Print Head Eco Solvent Printer

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These dx5 print head eco solvent printers with high performance and price ratio can meet the needs of ordinary commercial image output service providers. Environmentally friendly weak solvent inks create a high-end production environment for users.

Its 440dpi overturns the highest resolution of traditional printers, bringing the resolution of large format outdoor printing to new standards. Two printhead designs, as well as intelligent infrared heaters and fan drying systems, dramatically increase print speed. The print quality of this printer is extremely competitive in the market. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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Epson DX5 Head

Model Seron-E180 Seron-E320
Printhead 1/2/4 Epson DX5 (Micro piezo print head)
Inks Water-based/Heat transfer/Solvent-based
Maximum printing width 180cm 320cm
Printing speed Resolution(dpi) DX5*1(m2/h) Resolution(dpi) DX5*2(m2/h)
360X720 21 360X720 41
360X1440 15 360X1440 29
720X1080 12 720X1080 24
720X1440 10 720X1440 19
Ink cassette capacity 1000cc/color
Three heating sections Pre-heater, printing bed heater, rear heater
Picture drying system Standard configuration: Infrared heating with fan drying system
Auto feeding/collecting system Standard configuration
Environmental conditions Temperature15℃-35℃ Relative Humidity:40%-65%
Dimensions(L*W*H)/Weight 3360*1070*860mm/400kg 4800*1070*1650mm/800kg


Model EP180-B
Printer head 4/8 Industry RICOH GH 220 Head
Ink Water-based/Heat transfer/Solvent-based
Width 180cm
Resolution 720DPI  1440DPI
Print mode 2 pass 4 pass 6 pass 8 pass
Print speed 80m²/h 40m²/h 25m²/h 18m²/h

Product feature:

1. This dx5 print head eco solvent printer is capable of printing patterns and text on textile fabrics. It does not require plate making, is not color limited, and can be mass produced on a large scale.

2. The finished product printed by this printer is bright, and the color fastness is good. The photos are highly accurate, the graphics are realistic, and the personality is highlighted.

3. Epson's first DX5 printheads offer higher performance and higher durability. Each column of the printhead has 360 tiny nozzles that eject extremely accurate dot shapes.

4. The computer interface and machine control panel are simple and easy to operate, and it adjusts speed during printing. In addition, it has an automatic constant ink system cleaning function that extends its life.


This printer is widely used in digital printing (thermal transfer), textile cotton printing, advertising printing, leather printing, UV printing, building materials, hardware, handicrafts, window decoration fabrics, ceramics and other industries.