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Indoor Water Based Printer


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              E180              E320

Product feature:

*The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese printers;

*Standard double printheads design, double printing speed compared with single printhead;

*Automatic feeding and collecting structure;

*Two printheads design with intelligent infrared heater and fan drying system;

*The machine through different quality tests is stable and competent enough for mass production requirement .

*1440dpi overturns the highest resolution of traditional printers which leads the resolution of large

*Your new profit pattern will be established and new business opportunity

will be discovered.

*Support two rolls of media printing together, 50% enhanced in speed. 

Advanced software functions

Ⅰ. high-efficient printing while printing;

2.print selected area;

3.skip white in X and Y printing directions; media sensor for setting print origin automatically(3 picture positions: left, middle and right)

Ⅱ.printing quality enhanced

1.three feather printing modes :moisted, gradient, wave;

2.simple printhead calibration mode can be easily controlled by operators;

3.micro adjustment of printhead voltage;

Ⅲ.human-based functions

1.options of automatically sensing or manually setting media origin;

2.adjustable speed during printing;

3.operations both in computer interface and machine control panel;

4.automatic and constant ink system cleaning function;

Ⅴ. ink saving function

1.options for single head cleansing or double heads cleansing;

2.options for light, medium and heavy printhead sucking;

Ⅵ. printhead lifespan prolonged

1.All color channels can be exchanged freely so as to prolong the printhead lifespan.

Epson DX5 Head

Model Seron-E180 Seron-E320
Printhead 1/2/4 Epson DX5 (Micro piezo print head)
Inks Water-based/Heat transfer ink
Maximum printing width 180cm 320cm
Printing speed Resolution DX5*1 Resolution DX5*2
360X720dpi 21m2/h 360X720dpi 41m2/h
360X1440dpi 15m2/h 360X1440dpi 29m2/h
720X1080dpi 12m2/h 720X1080dpi 24m2/h
720X1440dpi 10m2/h 720X1440dpi 19m2/h
Suitable material Self-adhesive PP paper, photo paper, Backli    film, sublimation paper etc
Ink cassette capacity 1000cc/color
Three heating sections Pre-heater, printing bed heater, rear heater
Picture drying system Standard configuration: Infrared heating with    fan drying system
Auto feeding/collecting system Standard configuration
Environmental conditions Temperature15℃-35℃  Relative Humidity:40%-65%
Dimensions(L*W*H)/Weight 3360*1070*860mm/400kg 4800*1070*1650mm/800kg


Model EP180-B
Printer head 4/8 Industry RICOH GH 220 Head
Ink Water-based/Heat transfer ink
Width 180cm
Resolution 720DPI  1440DPI

Print mode 2    pass 4    pass 6    pass 8    pass
Print speed 80m²/h 40m²/h 25m²/h 18m²/h

Spare Parts

Epson DX5 head and head line Industry RICOH GH 220 Head Head Holder
Ink carriage           Damper       Cap top

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