Large Format Eco Solvent Printer

Product Details

Our large format eco solvent printers feature high image quality, full functionality, simple and reliable operation, fast print speeds and relatively low operating costs. It uses an Epson DX5 printhead and easy-to-dry ink to speed up printing. The resolution of this machine can reach 1440dpi.

In addition, the solvent based printer has high color accuracy. It has a subtle color gradation that makes prints rich in color. Solvent inks are environmentally friendly with low durability, abrasion resistance and chemical stability.

Outdoor Eco Solvent PrinterOutdoor Eco Solvent Printer price

Model Seron-E180 Seron-E320
Printhead 1/2/4 Epson DX5 (Micro piezo print head)
Inks Water-based/Heat transfer/Solvent-based
Maximum printing width 180cm 320cm
Printing speed Resolution DX5*1 Resolution DX5*2
360X720dpi 21m2/h 360X720dpi 41m2/h
360X1440dpi 15m2/h 360X1440dpi 29m2/h
720X1080dpi 12m2/h 720X1080dpi 24m2/h
720X1440dpi 10m2/h 720X1440dpi 19m2/h
Ink cassette capacity 1000cc/color
Three heating sections Pre-heater, printing bed heater, rear heater
Picture drying system Standard configuration: Infrared heating with fan drying system
Auto feeding/collecting system Standard configuration
Environmental conditions Temperature15℃-35℃ Relative Humidity:40%-65%
Size(L*W*H)/Weight 3360*1070*860mm/400kg 4800*1070*1650mm/800kg


Model EP180-B
Printer head 4/8 Industry RICOH GH 220 Head
Ink Water-based/Heat transfer/Solvent-based
Width 180cm
Resolution 720DPI  1440DPI

Print mode 2 pass 4 pass 6 pass 8 pass
Print speed 80m²/h 40m²/h 25m²/h 18m²/h


1. The standard dual printhead design makes double print speeds faster than single printheads.

2. High degree of automation, the equipment can automatically feed and collect.

3. The large format eco solvent printer has high stability and passed different quality tests and is sufficient for mass production.

4. This device supports two-volume media printing with a 50% increase in speed.

5. It also has three feather print modes: damp, gradient, and wave, which greatly improves the printing quality.

6. It uses different kinds of inks and our environmentally friendly solvent inks are less expensive than true solvent based inks and are VOC free, eliminating the need for air handling.

7.Thanks to the improved ink, the design can be passed through a print head with more nozzles to drop smaller droplets of ink, thereby increasing resolution.

Our advantages:

  1. All of our machines are tested before shipping.

  2. The warranty is one year. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

  3. We have been specialized in this field for years and we have various products for you to choose from.