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The Automatic Grommet Machine is composed of an upper and lower buckle automatic feeding mechanism, electromagnetic direct punching and laser guiding. Its working process is automatically completed by the microcomputer control, so the work efficiency is high, and the labor is greatly saved. This machine is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving machine. It uses direct electromagnetic force to complete the buckle work. It requires a short time for punching and consumes less power.

There are four wheels on the bottom for easy movement. It can also be fixed to work on the countertop.

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Model  RHA
Voltage 110/220V
Type Automatic
Diameter 10mm or 13mm
1.Automatic punching
2.Can use on the floor or on the table 
Power 150W
Air Pressure 6-8kg/cm
Grommet Distance Selection(Optional)
Shape Size 450*500*460(mm)
Packing Size 750*600*500(mm)
Packing Weight 70 kgs
Grommet Speed Automatic grommet machine we developed specially is fully automatic to perform collecting grommet, feeding grommet,piercing material and pressinggrommet and washer together.It is convenient and removable to operate on the ground or stand, lower noise and economical cost greatly Reduced the labor intense and noise the machine can be used for making ADS-light box, tent, tarpaulin. And doll product. It is a new ideal equipment.
Other Information Grommet Speed: 1000(Piece)/Hour Grommet Model: 4#,5#...
The 4#: internal diameter 10mm, Plastic & Metal.
The 5#: internal dia.13mm, Plastic & Metal.
The 6#: internal dia.13mm, Metal

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Foot Controller Automatic Grommet Machine 


1. The metal handle has a strong pressure bearing capacity, which can ensure the long service life of the handle.

2. The solid connecting rod design can move the whole handle and the body to be linked, which is flexible and convenient to use.

3. The thickened clamp block makes the buckle not easy to slide and the pressure is more stable.

4. The printed buckle is firm and beautiful.


This Automatic Grommet Machine is widely used in X display racks, advertising printing cloth and so on.


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Metal (13mm) Plastic & Metal (10mm or 13mm) Relay (consumable)

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