3D Heat Press

3D Heat Press
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The 3D Heat Press covers all the functions of heat transfer machines on the market, and can transfer mugs, glass, crystal, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, slate, fabric and other materials. Its transfer format is large, the transferred pattern is clear and delicate, and it has a high degree of color reproduction.

The machine is equipped with a high-efficiency activated carbon air filter, which can effectively filter the toxic and harmful gases generated during the transfer process. These gases can be transported outside through an extra long conduit to ensure operator health and safety.


1. The 3D Heat Press has an automatic inhalation countdown and temperature regulation function. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate. It automatically deflates after the transfer is complete, and you only need to make a simple initial setup.

2. Vacuum adsorption pressure can conduct heat evenly in air. The surface design of the upper and lower double-sided concave and convex dots greatly increases the heat receiving area. Far-infrared heating technology makes the temperature of each product uniform, thus ensuring that the transferred image is clear and delicate, and that it has a very high degree of color reproduction.

3. The large-capacity core design makes it possible to put 12 mugs at a time, greatly improving work efficiency.

4. The whole machine adopts special materials with high flame retardant and heat insulation. Its internal structure is compact and practical, and its shape is simple and stylish.

Scope of application:

1. It can realize full-color graphic transfer on the surface of plane or special-shaped three-dimensional, curved surface, etc., without coloring, the image is clear and beautiful, and the color is vivid and new;

2. Applicable to surface signs such as signage, advertisement production, graphic images, architectural decoration, etc.;

3. Applicable material range: pre-coated metal sheet and various pre-coated metal profiles such as pearl and wire drawing, pre-treated stone, ceramic glass, wood, etc..