5 In 1 Heat Press Machine

5 In 1 Heat Press Machine
Product Details


This 5 In 1 Heat Press Machine is an all-in-one machine that can bake cups, baking pans, heat transfer, baking sheets, ironing caps, and expand other heating parts. It can be rotated up and down by 180 degrees to facilitate the transfer of objects and items of a certain thickness. The main unit is designed to facilitate the replacement of transfer parts of different functions quickly and easily, without tools.

This multi-purpose heat press machine allows you to experience the wonderful hot stamping function. The 5-in-1 configuration includes a standard baking mat, a standard baking mat, a large baking mat, a baking cap assembly, and a heat transfer board.


1. Automatic and stable electronic data temperature indicator gives the 5 In 1 Heat Press Machine high precision.

2. There is an independent circuit control box for easy replacement of the instrument.

3. The heating wire and the heating plate are integrated to be safe and durable.

4. Automatic time control table makes it easy to operate.

5. High temperature resistant silicone pad makes the pressure more uniform and 180 rotation.

6. Pressure adjustment is convenient, and photos can be printed on clothes, tie, cup, hat, tile, plate, etc.

7. It can expand the heating parts, occupying a small area and having many functions.

Instructions for use

1. Lift the handle to make the machine open. Place the object to be stamped on the work platform and test whether the pressure is appropriate. If it is not suitable, adjust the pressure knob. (Rotate the knob clockwise to increase pressure and counterclockwise to decrease pressure)

2. Open the machine and get ready for hot stamping. (Do not put the hot stamping on the work platform during the heating process to avoid roasting)

3. Turn on the power switch, and the temperature controller starts self-test. After about 10 seconds, the self-test is completed and enters the working state. At this time, the working parameters can be set. (For the first time, please set the required temperature: time, see the attached Instrument panel time and temperature operation instructions)

4. Set the required temperature and time, and the machine starts to heat up (the temperature rises to 200 °C and takes about 15 minutes)

5. When the standby device reaches the required temperature, the items to be transferred are laid on the work surface, the handle is pressed, and the machine starts to automatically time. After the set time is reached, the machine emits a warning sound and lifts the handle to complete an operation.