8 In 1 Heat Press Machine

8 In 1 Heat Press Machine
Product Details


This 8 In 1 Heat Press Machine can print any color code, portrait photo, landscape pattern, etc. on T-shirts, pillows, mouse pads, puzzles, porcelain plates, metal plates, cups, hats and plates. It is especially suitable for advertising and gifts, promotional activities, etc., which can also be used as personalized gifts for friends and family. It combines artistic appreciation and practicality in one.


1. Unique intelligent temperature control box design allows users to easily adjust temperature and time. The device is capable of automatic temperature rise, automatic timing, and automatic baking.

2. The pull-type slide rail is made of aluminum and the components are easy to replace.

3. Its mainframe works fine and the materials are solid. It can be rotated by 180°. The bold panel grip is both aesthetically pleasing and prevents burns.

product advantages

1. It is a new multi-energy digital baking equipment, and a new generation of digital eight-in-one multi-function heat transfer machine;

2. The operation is simple, the thermal transfer function can be exhausted;

3. It has the new function of the tapered baking coaster, including the processing function of the new cone;

4. The technical breakthrough to achieve the processing of shaped cups.

Product Usage

8 In 1 Heat Press Machine can complete fabric printing, T-shirt printing, digital porcelain image, metal printing, personalized jewelry printing, fashion gift printing, personalized portrait baking cup phantom cup, special-shaped porcelain printing Hundreds of digital imaging products such as wedding commemorative cards, baby birth cards, licensing cards, medals, etc.