Cap Heat Press Machine

Product Details


The Cap Heat Press Machine can print pictures on the hat. It can stamp any color code, portrait photo, landscape pattern and personalized pattern on the hat. This machine operation only needs to cut the already finished film heat transfer and put it in the hot stamping place.

This machine adopts touch screen LED display and PID microcomputer control, so it has high precision and can be automatically thermostated. The device is stylish, easy to carry, lightweight and easy to operate.


1. The Cap Heat Press Machine adopts PID microcomputer control, full digital display, and has an automatic constant temperature function. After the process is completed, a warning sound will be automatically issued.

2. The heating plate and the heating plate are integrated into one, so the heating distribution is uniform, and the constant temperature performance is increased.

3. Platinum thermal resistance temperature can accurately control temperature.

4. It can be rotated up and down by 360 degrees to facilitate the printing of shaped objects and shaped objects of a certain thickness.

5. The pre-pressure adjustment mode can adjust the pressure at will.

6. The surface is painted, making it smooth.

Operation instructions:

1. The power cord cannot be close to the heating plate.

2. Do not get close to the heating plate when heating to avoid burns.

3. Do not open the controller and change settings at will.

4. Prevent liquids or other hard objects from entering the inside of the machine.

5. Make sure the machine and power cord are connected.

6. Turn off the power after use.