Cup Heat Transfer Machine

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Cup Heat Transfer Machine

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Cup Heat Transfer Machine

1.Power jack, "There are 1insurance";

2.Time Controller;

3.Power switch;

4.Temperature controller;

5.Heat pad;

6.Pressure handle.


Model 5 in 1
Cup diameter 7.0--12.0cm
Voltage 110V/220V
Power 380W
Length of Time 0--399s
Temperature rang 0--399℃
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Weight 35kg
Packing size 82.5*34.5*28.5CM

Operation Procedures:

Adjust the working pressure, plug in and turn on the power , the controller indicator light starts to display;

1.SET the time & temperature-controller:

Temperature set: Press + and - to set the temperature you need , usually is from 180℃ to 220℃ .

Time set: Press + and - to set the time you need , usually set to about 4 mins for heat transfer.

2.Put on the sublimation paper onto mugs, please note that the image side should be put onto the mugs. ( the sublimation

paper should be match the mugs good enough, in order to avoid the damage the mug surface or appear trace.).

3.Pull the handle, then put the coating mug into the machine  then depress  the pressure handle ,when all the work

station are closed, press the button.

4.There will be a music when the work complete.  Then pull open  the handle, take out the mug.

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