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Automatic Banner Welding Machine(Just For Your Reference)

The Hot Air Welding Machine is designed to weld plastic materials. The automatic welding machine can weld advertising inkjet fabric, inkjet cloth, light box cloth, thick PVC cloth, mesh cloth, tarpaulin and other PVC, PE, DHPE, LDPE, EVA, Pp plastic materials that can be hot melted. It is small, light and easy to operate. It is equipped with temperature feedback sensor. The sensor can always monitor the temperature of the outlet to keep a constant temperature. It uses advanced PID control technology, and adjust the power to make the temperature more constant automatically,the fluctuation is within 1 degrees. This function can make the welding result stronger. It also can avoid leakage. This machine is more suited to fast welding of large banners.Hot Air Welding Machine


1 Intelligent control system: This Hot Air Welding Machine adopts the microcomputer chip digital control system, which is easy to operate and intuitive, and has powerful protection functions. It can independently set temperature and speed parameters, and can independently control the machine to travel through the travel switch.

2 Efficient welding tuyere: It can maximize the heat volume of the heat and has anti-scalding protection function, so it effectively guarantees the welding quality and improves the construction efficiency.

3 Advanced belt press wheel system: belt and pressure wheel replacement is simple and convenient. Its pressure is balanced and smooth, which can suppress the occurrence of bulging and ensure the weld is even and reliable.

4 Precisely guided positioning system: The positioning by the guiding positioning wheel (or laser) effectively ensures the straight walking of the welding machine during the welding process without deviation.

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1.Temperature knob   2. Wind speed knob          3. Walking speed knob

4. Reset knob       5. Temperature feedback sensor     6.operation handle

7. Wing sheath     8.Heat gun   9. Nozzle 10.Press wheel   11.Carry handrail

12.Carry handrail   13.Actual temperature  14.Set temperature 15.Walking speed  16.Turn up temperature button 17.Turn down temperature button 


1. A 10m power cable.     

2. A Wrench

3. One piece of manual

5. Video CD

Please read the introduction carefully before using machine and keep it well.


1.First, make the picture smooth and tight, take joiner to accurate (about 2-4cm), fixed edges with tape or glue on the ground.

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2.Set temperature:connect power, turn on the temperature knob (the golden knob)until it click,and then press▲(▲for up ▼for down). In general, the temperature is between 350-400℃,Or to know it the temperature is ok,we can taking some waste banners to aligned nozzle to test, If it can be melted immediately, This temperature is the one you need and to set.if not strong just increase temperature,if too hot,reduce temperature.check photo below:

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3.Set wind speed:in general,we put wind speed to the just put wind speed to the Maximum is ok.

4.Set walking speed:Then turn on waling knob to adjust the speed, generally marked on the knob points to the location between 3 from 4.

5.Start welding:when actual temperature of the display screen reaches temperature that you set, we can begin to weld.put operation handrail(at end of the machine)to left,machine begin to work automatically.

At begin of weld,we should use one hand to take one banner up,then put nozzle between two banners,check photo:

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6.During welding,let hot air nozzle between two overlap pieces. And be make sure hot air nozzle and Rubber wheel walk in straight line.if not,please adjust by hand.check photo:

7.Finish welding:turn the walking handrail to the right ,machine stop walk,then turn off the yellow button(temperature knob),but before cut off the power,please wait until actual temperature below 50 ℃,then we can cut of the main power,or it would be damage heat system.

8. Don’t use it in rainy day,the workplace should be dry, flat and safety of fire。The machine should have technical person to operate, it is forbid that someone use it without specific knowledge. Working voltage:110V—220V. Strictly prohibited without permission disassemble,you should be responsible the result yourself.

Please pay attention:In order to keep heat element,we add Automatic Dormancy function,it means if not using welder over 10 minutes,machine would be enter dormancy state.if want it reback to work,just press the ‘Reset’ button or put the operation handle to right is ok,but it needs 1 minute to raise the temperature,so we need to wait.

Tips:For first user,we can use waste banner to test and find proper temperature,we can do like this:take a small banner close the nozzle,if the banner hot melt quickly,it means,the temperature is OK,it not strong or burnt,we can increase or reduce temperature.we can also write down the temperature for this thickness of banner as next welding,based on this temperature.we just need to increase or reduce the temperature depends on thickness of banners.check the welding result:

Plugboard  must be grounded wire,when using welding machine
18.jpg You mustn’t turn off the machine until the welding machine will completely cool down in a few minutes. Then pull out the plug.

Preparation before using the machine

1. You should adjust the temperature and speed according to the thickness of banners.

2. Fix the cloth on the smooth ground to make sure the best result.


1. Clean the nozzle with copper brush.

2. Clean the air inlet with soft bristle brush.

3. Check the power cord and plugs to avoid any mechanical damage.