Emergency Coping Mode of Breaking Machine Line Power

In order not to impair the bending machine, when the line after the point of the device to discharge, in order to eliminate the residual bending machine static. Of course, when the discharge should pay attention to safety, do not touch the discharge conductor, but to use a dedicated wire and insulated rods to operate. And the line and the ground, between the line and the line should be discharged; and with the test pen on the bending machine as well as the entire line of inspection, to ensure that no electricity before starting maintenance.

Maintenance time to bend the various power supply are disconnected, the purpose of doing so is to prevent a sudden return calls to multi-loop circuit, or low-voltage anti-transmission. In order to prevent accidents, in the part to be overhauled to install portable-type temporary ground wire, the installation of the first installation of the ground, the demolition of the ground after the demolition.