Reason and Solution of Punch Head of Hydraulic Press Brake

A. Closing height is too low, the punch cut into the blade part too long to adjust the closing height

B. Improper material positioning, punching punch caused by single side, adjust the positioning or feeding device due to uneven stress fracture

C. Under the mold block the knife-edge waste, resulting in punch off the re-drilling of large blanking hole, so blanking smooth

D. Fixed part of the punch (plywood) and guide parts of the repair or re-line cut into the block to punch the board up and down a smooth plate) offset

E. Playing board-oriented bad, resulting in a single force re-punch with a plate to play the gap

F. Punch blade is too short, and re-plate punch interference, increasing blade length

G. Punch is not fixed, the upper and lower channeling re-fixed punch so that it can not move up and down

H. The cutting edge of the punch is not sharpened

I. punch surface damage, unloading force re-change when the punch head

J. Punch is too fine, too long, not enough strength to re-type for the punch

K. Punch hardness is too high, the punch material is not to replace the punch material, adjust the heat treatment hardness This article reproduced from the aircraft shears