Reasons why the two cylinders of the press brake are not synchronized

The rapid decline in the bending machine, on the one hand by the oil pump through the synchronous valve to the cylinder fuel supply, on the other hand by the top tank 1 by the natural height difference through the one-way valve 2 to the oil tank, the two oil to the cylinder Because the flow rate in the valve path after passing the synchronous valve is approximately equal, the flow rate from the tank through the check valve 2 to the cylinder 3 is considered only, since the oil is supplied to the upper chamber and the cylinder is rapidly descended. For the two-way valve inlet pressure, P1 can be considered to be atmospheric pressure, it is equal. In the case of P1, the smaller the P2 is, the larger the flow rate Q of the check valve is. From the above we can see that the two hydraulic cylinders will not start completely synchronized, so the pressure on the two cylinders of the upper chamber P2 is not the same, before and after the two check valve pressure difference will not be the same, so from the cylinder flow through the two- Is not the same, which also led to two-cylinder motion is not synchronized.