The Precision of Bending Machine in Bending Stainless Steel

On the bending machine bending product performance is one of the performance of the material straightness and angle of the error, in order to solve this problem, the common approach is to use the size of the middle of the folder template wedge to adjust, from both sides to the middle The adjustment should gradually become larger, forming a convex arc.

But this can only be a temporary solution to the problem of inconsistent angles, over time or there will be such a problem, so still have to configure the machine from the bending to solve the actual selection process should be combined with the production of products and materials in all aspects of the request Determine the press brake model. Under normal circumstances, the new bending machine will be standard workbench hydraulic compensation system, the mold material will use a good mold steel body hardening, so the angle will be slightly smaller than the standard mold.