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The Laser engraver and Cutter can improve the efficiency of engraving. It makes the surface of the engraved surface smooth and round, and can quickly reduce the temperature of the engraved non-metallic material, reducing the deformation and internal stress of the engraved object. Such a device can be widely used in the field of fine engraving of various non-metallic materials.

The Laser engraver and Cutter uses a core control management system to increase the overall speed. The self-developed laser power supply adopts an integrated design of the frame structure, so the work is stable and reliable. The user-friendly operation panel optimizes the machining path and improves work efficiency.

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Laser engraver and Cutter

Name: Seron-L1390
Processing area 1300mm*900mm (4feet*3feet)
Laser power 60W,80W,100W,130W,150W
Laser type: Sealed CO2 glass laser tube
Cooling mode: Water cooling and protection system
Resetting positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm
Compatible Software: Laser cut 5.3, CorelDraw  AutoCAD  Photoshop
Whole machine size: 1820mm*1320mm*1100mm
Engraving speed 1-1000mm/s
Cutting speed 1-20000mm/s
Cutting thickness 0-30mm acrylic (others determined by materials)
Resolution ratio ≤0.0125mm
Position system: Red dot
Interface: USB
Minimum shaping character Letter 0.5mm, Chinese 0.5mm
Support graphic format DST, PLT, BMP, DXF
Gross power 1000W
Driving mode: DC0.8A 24V stepper motor
Cooling mode: Circulation water cooling
Working voltage: AC 110 - 220V±10%, 50 - 60Hz or depend on customer
Operating temperature 0-45C
Operating humidity: 5-95%
Driving system Stepper
Option: Up and down table, rotary attachment
Packing: Wooden box
Guarantee time: 1 year, laser tube 8 months
Option: Rotary attachment for column materials
Operation: Video to tell customer how to operate the machine
Net weight: 230KGS before package, 420KGS after package

Industry Material
Advertising industry, Billboards, artistic gifts, crystal ornaments, paper-cut, bamboo and wooden product, garment and leather, embroidery, decoration and upholster industry.
Non-metal materials such as acrylic, double color board,
Plexiglas, common glass, bamboo and wood, rubber, marble, granite and tiles, leather cloth etc.


1. The sheet metal is thickened, which increases the stability of the equipment.

2. The laser head is stable at high speed during operation and its cutting speed is fast. Double blowing on the left and right, you can add auto focus function to increase work efficiency.

3. The DSP digital control system can control continuous cutting and optimize its machining path.

4. The high-speed motor has low heat generation, low noise and high efficiency, and its response speed is fast, adapting to frequent start and stop.

Laser engraver and Cutter price
     Laser Tube         Rotary        Up and Down Table