Laser Stamp Machine

Laser Stamp Machine
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Laser Stamp Machine

The laser stamp machine (computer engraving machine) is a high-tech product incorporating the latest optical, machine and electric integration technologies and design solutions. The product has a perfect combination of appearance, performance and precision. It supports printers, scanners, TIF international standard fonts and BMP, JPG files, and its engraved stamps are excellent.

This machine is easy to operate and has a font specification. A variety of models meet the needs of different levels of customers. The whole machine has excellent performance. With integrating cutting and engraving functions, it can work continuously for 24 hours every day for many years.


1. The laser power supply adopts high voltage package laser power supply, which has good stability and long service life.

2. The main board of the machine is powered by a multi-functional high-stability motherboard, which uses imported components to stabilize the power supply and extend the life of the motherboard.

3. The laser tube uses a laser with a long stable life. It has a small spot and sufficient power. 

4. The high-abrasion guide rail of the mold aluminum profile used by the plotter.

5. The equipment adopts imported belt to ensure the precision and ensure the excellent adjustment. It also uses a thickened and reinforced casing to make the design more reasonable.

Details show

Model Number  Seron-L40 
Processing area  200mm * 300mm 
Laser power  40W 
Laser tube life 3000 hours
Laser type  CO2 glass laser tube 
Dimension  800mm*500mm*350mm 
Worktable  Honeycomb 
Red light location  Have 
Air cooling system  Have 
Engraving speed  100-300mm/min 
Resolution ratio  0.0125mm 
Interface  USB 
Applicable software  Moshi, Newly seal 
Minimum shaping character  letter 0.8mm, Chinese character 2 mm 
Support graphic format  BMP, PLT 
Gross power  200W 
Driving mode  DC0.8A 24V stepper motor 
Cooling mode  Circulation water cooling 
Working voltage  AC110V- 220V/50HZ or 60HZ or depend on customer
Packing  Carton box or wooden box 
Guarantee time  1 year 
Certificate of machine  CE SGS ISO 


1. The laser stamp machine is suitable for non-metallic materials such as: horn print, wood print, red plastic print, plexiglass print, atomic print, crystal print, soft jade print, etc.

2. Laser engraving machine is suitable for small area of handicraft processing, in the two-color board, wood, bamboo, plexiglass board, cloth on the various graphics and text.

3. It can engrave the name, model, logo, pattern, etc. on the electronic components, which is very permanent.

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