Analysis Of CNC Bending Machine High-precision Rotation Mode Function

The upper half and the lower half of the high precision rotation mode module are arranged to disengage or engage the transmission sleeve and the rotating sleeve by controlling the difference of the difference installed on the upper and lower transmission sleeves. Since the upper die system and the lower die system are each equipped with a set of fixed in the bending machine frame, driven by a pair of synchronous motor worm gear mechanism, so it can make the bending machine can achieve a random bending process.

As the transmission sleeve of the upper and lower die system are assembled with the rotary sleeve respectively, the springback angle produced by the free bending die on the bending machine will be less than or equal to 2 °, and the bending radius is equal to the die opening distance under the synchronous rotation of the worm gear drive device Of 0.156 times, for a bottom die bending, mold angle is generally 86 ~ 90 °.