Bending Machine In The Common Form Of Block And Use

1, bending machine three control block

Proportional relief valve in the three control block when setting the stamping pressure, mainly based on a given value of the digital controller as the basis, but also with the supporting hand-operated relief valve together, in order to complete the system Of the pressure to provide protection. It is also said that the cutting plate machine to maintain a stable working condition, three control blocks need to properly cooperate.

2, the central control block bending machine

This is an improved product, the three choke valve block through a certain way to synthesize a control block, which in the NC bending machine plays an important role.

Since the choke block is required to be symmetrically disposed with the two ram cylinders and a larger permissible spacing between the two cylinders is to be ensured, the central choke block is located as far as possible in the center of the machine, Bending machine hydraulic cylinder connection.