Bending Machine Product Innovation And Design: Innovation - Driven Development

For the poor processing performance in the soft material which will have a manifestation, both the processing time or tool life will be shown, and these properties in the hard material which is particularly prominent. Therefore, both the material and the bobbin machine, the desired or ideal tool cutting performance has been integrated in the GibbsCAM efficient machining path, which is the maximum support for hard metal materials processing. In the actual process, we have done nickel-chromium alloy processing, can reduce 80% of the rough milling time, while extending the tool life of 4 times. For the processing of softer materials, such as 6061 aluminum, using a large axial depth of cut, this time must be selected milling and side milling, so that the software system will be based on geometry, with the shortest cycle time automatically select slot or Side milling generates the tool path. The GibbsCAM Efficient Machining Path will slow down the cutting feed rate or reduce the axial depth of cut during the milling run to keep the material removal rate constant.