Bending Machine To Achieve Mechanical Bending Bending To Note The Details

In the use of bending machine for bending the material, the rounded area on the outer layer by the stretch, the inner layer is compressed. And when the material thickness is constant, the smaller the inner diameter, the more severe the tensile and compression of the material; when the outer round of the tensile stress exceeds the ultimate strength of the material, will produce cracks and broken. In order to avoid the phenomenon of similar products, in the set time, should avoid too small bending fillet radius.

If you require a special straight edge height of the bending pieces, do not rush to bend with a bending machine, but also to increase the crimp height, bent and then processed to the required size; or in the bending deformation of processing shallow groove , And then bending.

In the premise of the requirements of punching, punching should be the first bend, and the hole location should be in the bending deformation outside the area, the purpose of this design is to be able to effectively avoid bending when the hole will be deformed.