Briefly On The Micro - Step Bending Machine

On the market of hydraulic bending machine in fact represents a class of bending machine in general, which contains three different types of bending machine products, one is less than 2mm bending ordinary manual bending machine; another Class is bending more than 2mm plate of the micro-bending machine; there is a class of high precision CNC hydraulic bending machine. For the different types of bending machines, the mode of operation is different, to micro bending machine, the user you know how to properly operate it? As a kind of hydraulic bending machine, micro bending machine is mainly used for bending processing of sheet metal, and can be applied to various materials, such as carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and so on. To get a good bending effect, the correct operation is critical. 1, the first micro-bending machine in the tank filled with suitable hydraulic oil, where the recommended 46 # hydraulic oil. 2, and then connected to the power, in the control panel to open the key switch, and then pump start, at the same time to focus on the direction of operation. 3, when the bending machine to run the mediation process must be, so be sure to test before bending, test when the bending machine model down to the bottom, you must ensure that there is a thick plate gap, or will die and Mechanical damage. 4, the correct selection of Taiwan bending slot, under normal circumstances, to select the plate thickness of 8 times the width of the slot, to meet the processing requirements. 5, the micro-bending machine for the post-stall material for proper regulation, a fast electric control and manual fine-tuning two ways. 6, as long as the foot switch can be pressed after the bending operation, in the bending process it can be released at any time, will not affect the bending effect.