CNC Router Job Division Requirements

Working requirements of CNC milling machines and their handling

Bed-type CNC milling machine is a set of automated processing and composite processing as one of the high-precision, efficient processing equipment, in a number of CNC milling equipment, it is the development of a relatively late. It is designed to make up for a single piece of heavy weight and high precision machining requirements of complex parts, in the lift desktop CNC milling machine as the representative of the small CNC milling machine, difficult to process or processing accuracy is difficult to ensure that the lack of processing from the.

From the control form, bed-type CNC milling machine and other CNC milling machine, the processing process is completed under the control of CNC system, you can achieve a workpiece in the case of clamping, to complete the vast majority of its processing content. For the processing of less content of the workpiece, you can achieve a single processing equipment to complete all the processing.

From the processing capacity, bed-type CNC milling machine can be completed once the traditional milling machine, drilling machine, boring machine and tapping machine need to cooperate with each other to complete the workpiece processing, can also be understood as bed-type CNC milling machine is set milling, drilling, boring , Hinge, attack a variety of processing functions as one of the composite processing equipment.

From the machining accuracy of the workpiece, for the general workpiece, bed-type CNC milling machine and other CNC milling machine control accuracy is basically the same, but for a single weight heavier parts, bed-type CNC milling machine than other CNC milling machine Even better. This is mainly determined by the form of its processing. We know that the bed-type CNC milling machine in the processing of the workpiece when the Z direction, the movement of the nose up and down to achieve, no longer like the lift desktop CNC milling machine, the need for the overall lift table to complete the processing, which can avoid the workpiece due to their inertia The impact of the machine caused by the vibration error, in the micro-processing of its higher accuracy.

It can be seen, whether from the processing capacity or workpiece processing control accuracy, bed-type CNC milling machine is a better choice. However, for the batch workpiece processing efficiency and processing accuracy of the role is not just a machine, but also includes the choice of the tool, the preparation of procedures, fixture applications. The division of the workpiece process and the selection of the fixture determines the processing efficiency and precision of the machining program. This paper briefly introduces the common process division method and the basic requirement of the fixture.

First, bed-type CNC milling machine common process division method

We know that bed-type CNC milling machine processing, the process is more concentrated, the significant feature is the workpiece only after a clamping to complete the vast majority of processing content. According to the processing characteristics, in order to improve the service life of CNC machine tools, to maintain the accuracy of bed CNC milling machine processing and reduce the processing costs of parts, we generally the workpiece roughing and finishing separation, in order to optimize the workpiece processing procedures should be According to the specific circumstances of the workpiece according to the following method to first specify the workpiece process.

1, according to the processing site designated

The first processing of the plane, positioning surface, re-processing hole; first shape simple shape, and then processing complex geometric shapes; first processing of relatively low precision parts, re-processing of relatively high precision parts.

2, according to the workpiece rough, finishing to delineate

According to the shape of the parts, dimensional accuracy and other factors, that is, by rough, finishing the principle of separation, the first rough processing, and then semi-finishing, and finally finishing.

3, according to the principle of centralized division of tools

This method is to use the tool to divide the process, with the same tool to complete all the processing of the parts and content, and then change the knife. This method can reduce the number of tool changes, shorten the auxiliary time, reduce unnecessary positioning error.

Second, bed-type CNC milling machine on the basic requirements of the fixture

Bed-type CNC milling machines do not require very complicated fixtures when milling, requiring only simple positioning and sufficient processing power, but their rigidity and stability are better

Try not to use the process of changing the clamping point of the design, when the process must be replaced in the clamping point can not be, to pay special attention to the folder can not change the clamping point or damage to the fixture or workpiece positioning accuracy. In the case of

The fixture should be made as open as possible so that a certain safety distance should be maintained between the clamping mechanism element and the machined surface while requiring the clamping mechanism element to be low to low to prevent the fixture from the CNC milling machine spindle or tool There was a collision in the process