CNC Router Mechanical Structure

When the machine is overtaken, you should press the overturn release button and move it in the opposite direction by manual or manual means. But if the lifting direction is reversed, CNC Router it will cause damage to the machine. Because when the overtravel is released, the overtravel protection of the machine will not work and the overtraveled trip switch is at the end of the itinerary. At this point may lead to workstations continue to move over the direction of the overtravel, and ultimately pull the screw, resulting in machine damage. Specifies that the cursor is inappropriate when running the line. When the specified line is running, it is often from the cursor position to start down. For a lathe, it is necessary to call the tool offset of the tool used. If the tool is not called, the tool that is running the block may not be the desired tool, and it is very likely that the tool is accidentally caused by the tool. Of course, in the machining center, CNC milling machine must first call the coordinate system such as G54 and the length of the knife compensation value. Because the length of each knife compensation value is not the same, if not called may also cause a knife.

CNC milling machine is open on the basis of the general milling machine, both of the processing technology is basically the same, the structure is also somewhat similar, but the CNC milling machine is controlled by the active processing machine, so its structure is also very large with the general milling machine the difference.

CNC milling machine generally by the numerical control system, the main drive system, feed servo system, cooling and lubrication system, and so on some of the composition:

First, the control system CNC milling machine movement control base, the implementation of CNC machining program control machine for processing.

Second, auxiliary equipment such as hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, cooling systems and chip removal, protection and other equipment.

Third, the spindle box, including the spindle box and spindle drive system for clamping tools and moving tools rotating, spindle speed program and output torque has a direct impact on the processing.

Fourth, the feed servo system by the feed motor and feed the implementation of the organization, in accordance with the programmed feed rate to complete the relative movement between the tool and the workpiece, including linear feed movement and rotary motion.

Fifth, the machine tool fundamentals generally refers to the base, CNC Router columns, beams, etc., it is the basis of all machine tools and structure.

Sixth, the typical CNC milling machine manufacturer's mechanical structure mainly by the root pieces, the main drive system, feed drive system, reverse the table and other mechanical function accessories, etc.

Seven, CNC milling machine mechanical structure, first from the digital control technology characteristics. As the efficiency of the machine tool using a servo motor, the use of digital technology to complete the work of the machine parts and movement of the direct control of the movement, CNC Router the traditional machine gearbox structure was revoked or revoked, and thus the mechanical structure is greatly simplified. The digital control system also pleases that the mechanical system has a high transmission stiffness and no drive space to ensure that the control instruction is executed and the control quality is completed. together. Due to the continuous improvement of the steep control of the computer water, the various auxiliary functions required to allow more functional components on the same machine have become possible, CNC Router so that the mechanical structure of the CNC milling machine has a higher degree of integration than the traditional machine tools Functional plea.

In view of the emergence of manufacturing technology, with the emergence of new materials and new technologies, as well as market competition between the requirements to reduce costs, metal cutting is moving towards cutting speed and accuracy is increasing, Power is getting higher and the system is more and more reliable direction to open. This pleads in the traditional machine tool to open up the CNC machine tool to be more accurate. Drive power faster, mechanical organization of the dynamic, static stiffness is very good, work more solid, CNC Router can be completed for a long time continuous work and do as little or less downtime.

Nine, CNC milling machine of the root pieces, CNC milling machine foundation is generally refers to the bed, column, beam, table, base and other structural parts, the standard larger (commonly known as large), and constitute the foundation of the machine structure. Other parts attached to the root pieces, and some parts also need to move along the root. As the root piece plays a supporting and guiding effect, the request for the root piece is a good rigidity