CNC Router Processing Needs

Small size of the lifting table CNC Milling machine, the width of its worktable is more than 400mm, it is most suitable for small and medium-sized parts of the processing and complex profile milling tasks. Large size such as gantry milling Machine, worktable in 500-600mm above, used to solve large-scale complex parts processing needs.

The precision standard of CNC Milling machine has been developed in our country, in which the milling machine of CNC Vertical Milling machine has professional standard. CNC Router The positioning accuracy of the linear motion coordinates is 0.04/300mm, the repeatability of the positioning accuracy is 0.025mm, milling roundness 0.035mm. Master of machine tool micro-letter; 1828765339 in fact, machine tool factory precision has a considerable amount of reserves, than the national standard tolerance value of about 20% compression. CNC Router Therefore, from the point of view of precision selection, the General CNC Milling Machine can meet the needs of most parts processing. For the high precision parts, we should consider the use of precision CNC Milling machine.

For the machining site is a box-shaped plane or unequal levels of the steps, then the use of point---linear system of CNC Milling machine can be

If the machined part is a curved surface, CNC Router the two-coordinate linkage and three-coordinate system should be chosen according to the geometrical shape of the surface.

Can also be based on parts processing requirements, in general, on the basis of CNC Milling machine, to increase the numerical control of the head or CNC rotary table, CNC Router then the machine tool system for four-coordinate CNC system, can be processed spiral groove, blade parts.

For large quantities, the user can use special milling machine. CNC Router If it is small and medium-sized batches and often cyclical repeat production, then the use of CNC Milling machine is very suitable, because the first batch of a lot of fixtures, procedures, etc. can be stored for re-use.

CNC Machining Center CNC machine tool as a high-precision machine, anti-collision is very necessary, require operators to develop a careful and careful habit, CNC Router according to the correct way to operate machine tools, reduce machine tool bump phenomenon occurred. With the development of technology, tool damage detection, CNC Router machine tool anti-collision detection, machine tool adaptive processing and other advanced technology, these can better protect CNC machine tools.