CNC Router The Processing Factors

With the continuous development of equipment manufacturing, the processing precision and processing difficulty of processing workpiece are getting higher and higher. In particular, the shape of the workpiece is becoming more and more alien, and some of the surface and surface and surface and some non-circle involute workpieces are common. Moreover, the precision of the workpiece, geometric error and surface finish are higher. This type of workpiece is difficult or impossible to process by traditional machine tools, even if it is barely able to process, its processing precision is difficult to guarantee.

In this context, it is not surprising that CNC machining equipment with CNC CNC system is gradually becoming the main machine of processing. In many CNC machining equipment, numerical control lathe bed type milling machine and machining load, because of its greater stability and the advantages of good processing compatibility, is now the batch artifacts and special-shaped workpiece, the main processing equipment.

We can not simply use the bed - type CNC milling machine as a processing equipment which is installed on the general milling machine. Relative to the traditional processing equipment, it not only has a control system configuration, and the structure of the machine tool feed system also has had the qualitative change, it is no longer driven by simple change gear box ordinary T screw, but by the servo controller, servo motor and high speed ball screw.

Through this a series of changes, made the bed type CNC milling machine has across the equipment processing capacity, it can not only make milling, at the same time also has the drilling, ream and boring processing ability. And the machine tool can ensure that the final machining accuracy of the workpiece can be controlled at 0.01 and 0.005mm through the high precision positioning of the system. But due to the machine itself or operation reason, sometimes also can appear some processing super bad situation, this article make a brief introduction, the influence of lathe bed type CNC milling machine the workpiece machining accuracy out-of-tolerance of several major factors, hope can bring you a little inspiration.

In simple terms, causing the lathe bed type CNC milling machine the workpiece machining error reasons mainly include the choice of programming the origin, programming, data processing, the processing route selection, screw error compensation and backlash compensation, etc.

1. The error compensation of the machine tool thread is not enough to cause the processing

The error of thread of machine tool mainly includes pitch error and reverse clearance error. CNC milling machine is equipped with CNC CNC system, so it can be eliminated by error compensation. Is the so-called error compensation in nc machining process, the actual movement of a specific machine tool axis position record, record and the result was compared with the measured results of on-line detection of feedback error caused by value, and the value input to the compensation in CNC numerical control system.

The ball screw of machine tool is worn by natural wear after a long time, the pitch itself will appear some difference value, if do not undertake compensation measure, can cause the processing of the workpiece to be very poor. Reverse clearance is too large and could lead to the machine tool in reverse, servo motor in the running state and machine tools did not produce movement, this also makes the bed type CNC milling machine directly produce certain error in workpiece machining.

The influence of the choice of the origin of the programming on the machining accuracy of the workpiece

Programming in general, the determination of coordinate system need according to the characteristics of the workpiece and the drawings and so on carries on the comprehensive consideration, in it, programming the determination of the origin is directly related to the machining precision of the workpiece finally. In the process of the workpiece of bed - type nc milling machine, the selection of the origin of the programming is deviated from the design benchmark and the technological base of the workpiece, which can result in the ultimate processing accuracy of the workpiece.

The influence of the choice of processing route on the machining accuracy of the workpiece

We know that the route choice when the workpiece machining programming, the basis of the processing programming lathe bed type CNC milling machine CNC machining quality directly affects the processing efficiency and finally the machining accuracy of workpiece. Which it is important to pay special attention to the machine tool of advance and retreat method and suitable selection of milling and inverse milling, these are all constitute the basic factors of the workpiece processing route, the machining precision of the workpiece eventually they will play a key role.