CNC Router Very Common

CNC milling machine in the processing and production is very common, CNC Router due to the development of CNC equipment, to a certain extent, improve the quality and efficiency of production, better use in production, so more and more mechanical processing enterprises to pay attention to the number of milling, CNC Router And widely used in the field of metal processing. So what are the familiar types of processing? What is the number of milling and sorting quotations?

(1) simple CNC milling machine: for the transformation of ordinary milling machine results, and increase the simple CNC system after the formation of CNC milling machine. Low cost, CNC Router the degree of automation and function are poor, the accuracy is not high. Can be used for flat curve and flat cavity parts of the processing.

(2) ordinary CNC milling machine: coordinate operation of the three coordinates, CNC Router for all kinds of complex plane, surface and shell parts of the processing is very much.

CNC milling machine mainly processing a variety of complex cavity mold or workpiece, for some of the more difficult irregular three-dimensional surface and complex boundaries of the workpiece has a better processing effect.

CNC tool milling machine is based on the general tool milling machine, CNC Router the machine tool mechanical transmission system to transform and increase the CNC system after the formation of CNC milling machine. Mainly used for processing all kinds of tooling, knives, all kinds of complex plane, curved parts.

CNC milling machine processing costs calculation method is nothing more than that, CNC Router and labor calculation is the most commonly used in production, but also the most simple calculation method.

1, hours of calculation: the general CNC milling machine processing in 60 yuan / hour or so. CNC Router If the processing has some difficulty, then the price will rise.

2, equipment calculation: the use of equipment, the higher the accuracy of the larger, the more expensive processing costs. Usually 30 / hour - 100 yuan / hour. But because the price of each region is not the same there will be some differences.

3, the processing accuracy: high precision machining equipment, CNC Router the more expensive, the relative, the higher the processing fee.

4, machine performance: ordinary CNC milling, high-speed milling, 3 +2 CNC milling, five-axis CNC milling, the price gap. For example: ordinary high-speed milling 100 / hour or so, CNC Router five-axis normal range of 300 / hour or so.

In addition to the specific pricing method, in the time of the offer also need to take into account a number of aspects: raw material costs (according to rough settlement), CNC Router heat treatment costs, surface treatment and pretreatment costs, machining costs (in accordance with the process required machining (Including tools, measuring tools, CNC Router depreciation of equipment, sandblasting, paint, etc.), labor costs and electricity,CNC Router processing and production process of transport costs, CNC Router product testing and non-destructive testing, material Laboratory and other costs, reasonable profits, the reasonable cost of mold assessment, CNC Router a variety of management fees reasonable assessment, freight, taxes and fees.