Heat Transfer Machine Features

Heat transfer machine than the advantages of other printers is to adapt to the thermal transfer of irregular products, bronzing, and can be a molding. The heat transfer machine serves as a printing machine capable of transferring the printed heat transfer film in advance by hot-pressing the pattern.

Thermal transfer machine features

Thermal transfer processing is a special printing method, and thermal transfer machine is the use of thermal transfer processing to transfer the machine. Thermal transfer processing has transfer film printing and transfer processing.

Thermal printing film printing is printed with a dot, and then pre-printed on the surface of the film, so that the printing pattern level is very rich, ever-changing, small color, good reproducibility, you can meet customer requirements, The

Transfer processing is a one-time transfer of the transfer film transfer film on the transfer of the pattern to other products on the surface, after the formation of ink products, the surface of the product fusion, the pattern is more realistic.

Heat transfer machine can cup, metal, glass and other transfer patterns, but also in cotton cloth, leather and other transfer. In these materials on the transfer pattern, it will not have any damage to the material. It can transfer a variety of patterns, do not need plate, copy, repeat non-stop color. As long as a computer, a universal printer on it. So in the material, human above to reduce a lot. Because the thermal transfer machine and the high technical content of the computer combination, can accurately align the printing area and location, but also to avoid the operation caused by personnel errors.

The cup is printed with a heat transfer machine

We have to use a cup of water every day, the appearance of the cup there are many good-looking pattern. What are the mechanical printing of these patterns?

For this cone product printing patterns, are to use the heat transfer machine. Heat transfer machine for the irregular product thermal transfer, bronzing a molding. In fact, not only the pattern on the cup is a thermal transfer machine, as well as slippers, cosmetics, plastic toys, electronic products, food, medicine and other packaging are used to transfer the heat transfer machine.

The thermal transfer machine thermal transfer process is to pre-printed by a good thermal transfer film, and then through the hot head heating and pressure to transfer the pattern to the cup. Thermal transfer machine thermal transfer technology, high efficiency, significant economic benefits, so that the transfer of the product pattern will be very beautiful. This is a good printing machine in the surface printing processing industry, developed in recent years.