Heat Transfer Machine Technical Characteristics

Hot stamping machine is the floorboard of the machines used in the thermal transfer technology, heat transfer machine including plane pyrograph machine, high-pressure pyrograph machine, flat backing machice shook his head machine, baking cup machine, baking, baking cap machine such as thermal transfer machines. It can be printed on a wide range of surfaces, including the plane scald, the cups, plates, and caps, and the heat transfer is a new technology that is just getting on the right track.


Simple steps to

It does not need to print, print, repeat the process of color, no need for screen printing and heat transfer to the various types of tools, materials. To use a universal printer, you only need to prepare an ordinary computer. A fuck machine personnel can be completely independent of the printing operation, save manpower material resources, and simple way, instant, experience to the fuck machine is low, just to be a simple image processing software.

Avoid damaging

It can be printed not only in the materials such as tough crystal, stone, metal and glass, but also in soft leather, cloth and cotton materials. It can be printed on inorganic materials and can be printed on organic compounds that are complex and varied. Use of materials with more and better compatibility, number of CDH spray printing machine to avoid the straight spring silk screen printing, water transfer printing material quality problem, also to avoid the thermal transfer of organic material such as leather, cloth, cotton material damage problem. It meets the needs of market diversification, and can better provide users with more comprehensive production services.

Avoid deviation

Universal printer is no longer the traditional printing mode and method, is no longer a simple manual operation of the past and printing craft, with high technical content of computer generated, and the combination of automatic control technology for the better, can be very precise on the printing area and position, to avoid the manual printing house in the position of the deviation problem. Because it is a one-time multicolor printing, there is no problem of color matching. These advantages can also be very effective combination and engraving, etching, in the area of engraving print a beautiful picture, or printing accurately after etching, etc., can also be good breakthrough in carving industry.

Technical characteristics

1, thermal transfer printing design on a new method of all kinds of material goods, especially suitable for production of a variety of personalization and customization commodity, and include full color images or photos printed pattern. Its principle is to digital watermark pattern with special heat transfer through the printer ink on the heat transfer from, again with special transfer printing machine, high temperature and high pressure to design precise transfer to the surface of a commodity, printed finish goods.

2. Heat transfer technology can also use various transfer materials to achieve different printing effects. The most important ones are film transfer and sublimation transfer. The transfer paper of the adhesive film contains the gelatin, which is printed on the surface of the product in high temperature and high pressure. The quality of the import transfer paper and ink, which is very thin and breathable, not sticky, not cracking, not peeling. Different from the domestic transfer paper which is used in many kinds of products, the printed gelatin is thick and often sticky and cracked. The 100% pure cotton clothing of cool net is printed with the rubber film transfer technology. Sublimation transfer is a new generation of technology, with special sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper. Logo printed on the goods will not produce gelatin, if transfer to the clothes, the ink is sublimation directly to the clothing fibers, strong degree just like cloth dyeing, and the color is sharp, more suitable for colorful pattern

3. The products that can be reprinted can not be printed with the heat transfer of the products, which involve the heat resistance, smoothness and smoothness of the goods. And other factors. Due to technical progress, has been using thermal transfer technology mature and developed products include: clothing, cloth bags, hats, pillows, mugs, tile, watches, mouse mat, cup mat, hanging calendar, MEDALS, pennants,... Wait for hundreds of goods. It will use the latest heat transfer and other technologies to continuously develop more personalized products, from head to toe, from wear to use, to satisfy your desire for a unique heart.

4. Textile transfer printing technology is the transfer printing and sublimation transfer of the textile.

(1) by the end of 2013, sublimation transfer printing technology is mainly applies only to the surface of polyester fiber (polyester) clothes, such as rapid sweatshirt and Physical comfortable unlined upper garment, and with white clothes best (the position of the printed pattern is white, but the rest of the clothes can be other colors, such as the color sleeve). When colored clothes use digital sublimation, ink and colored fiber blend, will make the color of the pattern and the original different, not recommended use.

(2) the film transfer technology is mainly used for clothes with high cotton content. All kinds of colors can be used to transfer the film, but the dark clothes are used for the high price of "special transfer paper for dark clothes", the colloid is heavier, and the quality is more unstable. The company does not release dark clothes for a while, until the technology is more mature. The ceramic products of ceramics are transferred by thermal sublimation, and in the heat of about 200 degrees centigrade, the ink is sublimated to the commodity, with sharp color and high pattern fastness. But the general mugs can not be transferred directly, must pass a coating (coating) special treatment, can transfer the pattern to go up.

5, can be in leather, textile fabrics, organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood, copper plate paper, such as arbitrary relatively flat material, one-time multicolour, arbitrarily complex color, color printing digital printing machine, it does not need to plate making, tinted and complex sun board procedures, material will not cause damage.