Indoor Water Based Printer Design Concept

With the advent of the information age, ultra, catering, medical, Indoor Water Based Printer banking, public social services and other industries increasingly use a wide range of small-ticket printers and label printers, but how to choose and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of micro-printers has not been unified standards. I think the main should be from the movement of quality, transmission system, fault diagnosis and protection technology, cutter reliability and life, human engineering design concept, the main structure of materials, after-sales service security system, and product comprehensive cost-effective and other aspects of all-round inspection.

1, the movement is the printer's core components, determines the product quality and longevity. There are two kinds of metal structure movement and plastic movement in the market. Indoor Water Based Printer Metal structure movement has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good heat dissipation and so on, obtains the general affirmation of the user. 2012 has become the world's second-largest micro-printer movement supplier, the movement of 150000m, printing speed reached 300mm/s, product quality by the world's industry tongren recognition.

2, the transmission system of high efficiency, Indoor Water Based Printer stability, long life, maintenance-free is the key to ensure the use of printer evaluation indicators. General large motor, large gear transmission design easier to achieve a smooth transmission, reliable and long life; closed transmission system can reduce the pollution of paper scraps, prolong the maintenance period, Indoor Water Based Printer the metal frame can improve the heat dissipation condition remarkably, reduce the deformation of the stent and improve the reliability of the transmission system.

3. The application of fault diagnosis and protection technology can fully guarantee the reliability of the printing process. Abnormal detection protection, abnormal power off protection, abnormal exclusion of power recovery, etc. are the necessary functions of the printer. Indoor Water Based Printer Adjustable dual photoelectric detection and double black mark detection can provide users with a great deal of convenience.

4, Cutter is also an important part of the micro-printer. Domestic manufacturers mostly imitate the Japanese Toshiba slice structure, but due to the domestic production process and product cost constraints, there is a common existence of cutting knife wear too fast, cutting paper constantly and so on. Xiamen Han printing company using a horizontal independent double cutting knife and vertical independent double cutter technology, Indoor Water Based Printer from the principle and structure effectively solve the problem, the number of consecutive work has more than 1 million times.

5, the advanced human engineering design concept in the application of products can effectively improve the use of convenience and affinity of products. such as small size, large paper warehouse design, easy to open on both sides of the design, the professional design of dustproof and waterproof, the layout design of operation Keys can bring refreshing surprises to the users, Indoor Water Based Printer and obtain the effect of small change and big benefit.

6. The main body material has great influence on the structure, shape and texture of the printer. In addition to attention to the type of plastic fuselage, it is best not to choose to use two times the re-use of products. You know!

7, there is no absolute failure of the product, Indoor Water Based Printer it will not provide long-term and perfect service; second, commitment to the first piece of warranty for 1 years, the whole machine warranty 3 years of products, obviously better than the first piece of warranty 3 months, the whole machine warranty 1 years of products; again, the company has offices around, Indoor Water Based Printer the speed and quality of after-sales service generally more reliable

8, the current domestic micro-printer varieties and manufacturers of many, mixed, price war brutal, eyes, adhere to only the right, not afraid of expensive priority principle, you must be the winner!