Laser Machine The Main Features

The laser machine is the general name of laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine. The laser machine USES the working principle of its high temperature to work on the surface of the processed material, and then, according to the input to the inside of the machine, draw the design, text and so on.

The laser engraving machine can be divided into non-metal laser engraving machine, such as wooden handicraft engraving machine, stone carving machine, etc.

Metal laser engraving machine, such as carbon dioxide laser engraving machine.

Equipped with USB high distribution motherboard, it can realize the function of offline, energy control, color cutting and gradient engraving, making the cutting precision of engraving higher and satisfying the requirements of packaging printing industry.

Professional development of control software, with independent intellectual property, can realize manual cutting parameter setting, with functions of enveloping line, can automatically generate envelope, and its parameters can be arbitrarily set engraving area, for frame cutting, etc.;

Main features:

1. 360 degree slope engraving function to solve the printing problem thoroughly;

2. High processing efficiency, 10 to 15 times more than manual engraving; High accuracy, low cost and good printing effect;

3. The optimal design of mechanical structure and the smallest appearance size of the machine can not only save your precious space, but also have a high precision of deformation and cutting.

4. High technical subdivision drive in Germany, the speed is more than five times faster than the single chip.

5. Taiwan's imported linear guide line can last up to 20 years.

6. Unique exhaust system effectively protects the laser head, making the maintenance of laser head more convenient.

Special metal lenses make the focused laser beam stronger and thinner.

8. Use patented technology to make the rubber engraving effect better and not easy to burn.

9. Engraving laser engraving software, powerful; Carving can be done simultaneously; Provide free upgrade service

10. The front and rear material can be placed in the whole plate without cutting.

Applicable industry:

1. Printing and packaging industry: rubber laser engraving cutting, paper products laser engraving cutting, etc.

2, craft gift industry: crystal carving, bamboo slips laser engraving, laser engraving block book, annatto laser engraving, double color boards carving, box crafts laser engraving, laser carving, carved in the marble board.

3. Advertising industry: organic glass laser engraving (cutting), double color plate engraving, all kinds of plaque laser making.

4. Leather clothing industry: all kinds of leather, clothing, fabric textile patterns, artificial leather cutting and pattern carving and cutting.

5. Model industry: architectural model underlined, ABS cutting, aviation model slicing, wood cutting and carving.

6. Stone material (tombstone) industry: sculpture of pictures and words on marble and granite.

7. Studio industry: engraving photos on photo albums, photographic paper, organic glass, acrylic, wood products, and making special effects albums;

The laser source

Luminous common light source (such as electric light, fire and the sun shine) is due to the material under external energy (such as light, electricity, heat, etc.), will absorb the foreign energy of electrons in the atoms from low energy level transition to high level, the atoms are inspired. The process of excitation is a process of "stimulated absorption". In high energy levels, electronic life is very short (usually 8 ~ 10 seconds), and spontaneously transition to low energy levels without external action, and the light (electromagnetic wave) radiation will be generated when the transition occurs.

This radiation is called spontaneous radiation. All the atomic spontaneous emission process is a stochastic process, the light atoms emitting process independent, unrelated, that is, the radiation of light on the emission direction is no rules at all directions, not phase, polarization state also each are not identical. Since the excitation energy level has a width, the frequency of emission light is not a single one, and there is a range.

In thermal equilibrium condition, usually at a high level of atomic number density, is far less than in the low level of atomic number density, this is because in the level of the size of atomic number density with the increase of the level E index decreases, and this is the famous boltzmann distribution law. All visible, at 20 ℃, nearly all hydrogen atoms in the ground state, will make the atoms emitting, must provide the energy to the outside world make the excited atoms arrive, so ordinary generalized luminescence is contains two stimulated absorption and spontaneous emission process. Generally speaking, the energy of this source of light radiation is not strong, plus it is launched from all directions, which makes the energy more dispersed.