Polishing Machine Influence Development

When we are operating automatic polishing machines, we need to focus on the use of attention, especially where mistakes are often made, to avoid unnecessary losses due to operational mistakes. Here's what to say about the use of automatic polishers:

The following points should be noted when using automatic polishing machine:

1. Select abrasive and abrasive disc strictly

Before polishing, check the surface of the paint carefully. Depending on the size of the paint, the degree of damage, the thickness of the paint, the abrasion resistance, etc., select different grinding disks and lapping agents.

Water - based abrasives can't cover the florets, and allow the grinding disk to contact with the surface of the paint during grinding. Spray a small amount of water on the grinding pan and grind it when the grinding agent is dry and attached to the surface of the paint.

Oily abrasives, can cover flower mark, not prone to dry up abrasives adhere to the paint surface, after grinding with skim water need to skim, before you can do a wafer plating, coating products, crystal, plating coating can't good adhesion in the car paint surface, easy to wash off.

In the case of relatively large scratches on the paint surface, the wool plate can be used with coarse abrasive (4 mu m). Moderate scratches can be used in the combination of coarse sponge ball (2 mu m). Fine scratches can be used to select a fine sponge ball with a fine grinding agent (0.8 mu m) for polishing.

In general, a medium grinding agent is used for grinding with the wool disc, and then with a fine grinding agent and a sponge ball for grinding. The polishing of "symptomatic medicine" can achieve a more perfect effect.

2. The speed control of the polishing machine can't control the paint surface

When polishing the job, must strictly control the speed of the polishing machine, for the skilled technician, the partial paint of the steel plate can be controlled in 2500 -- 4000 RPM, the plastic part of the paint surface is no more than 1,800 RPM. For the unskilled technician, the parts of the paint should be controlled at 1500-2500, and the plastic parts of the paint will be controlled between 1000-1200 RPM. Otherwise, it can cause damage to the paint surface due to the high temperature caused by the excessive speed, and even the paint surface of the original factory, causing irreparable damage. The most effective polishing sequence, from inside to outside, from top to bottom, around the car to complete the homework.

What factors affect the development of the polisher industry

Market factors. The market factors affecting the polishing machinery industry mainly include market distribution and downstream industry. At present, the main mainstream of polishing machinery market is the polishing processing industry, which is mainly distributed in the coastal areas, mainly in guangdong, fujian, jiangsu, shandong and so on. Because of the geographical restrictions, the domestic market of the polishing machinery industry should be placed in these areas, and of course, if we can develop the mainland market, it is undoubtedly a great progress. Second, focus on analysis of the downstream industry type, major downstream industries can contain which industries, to broaden the industrial chain, help promote industry status of polishing industry and promote the development of polishing machine industry.

Technical level. Inseparable from the technical support for the development of machinery industry, often is a mechanical progress and updating with breakthrough of the technology, so the development of the technology for polishing machinery industry also is particularly important. In the context of the development course of the past, the development of the polishing machine has two main steps: the first is manual processing to the technological innovation polishing automatic upgrade, automated assembly line and mechanical polishing process and so on technical breakthrough progress made contributions to the industry; The second technological innovation is the transformation of the polishing processing mode to the nc programming mode, the processing process is fully preset, and the polishing process enters into the age of intelligentization.

Consumer perception. The change of consumption concept also has a great influence on the polishing machine and the polishing processing industry, just as the progressive thought can drive the progress of The Times, the backward thought often hinders the development of the society. Therefore, it requires industry personnel to constantly pursue innovation, use innovation results and promote industrial upgrading.