Polishing Machine Instructions For Use

Polishing machines are also known as grinders and are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: the motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disc mounted on the polishing machine to rotate at high speed, because the polishing disc and the polishing agent act together and rubs with the surface to be cast, and can realize the removal of the paint pollution, the oxide layer purpose. Polishing disc speed is generally 1500-3000 r / min, mostly stepless speed, construction can be adjusted at any time according to need.

What is the fuse line of the polishing machine industry accident?

First, the work of the line

Like the assembly line, if the polishing machine here put a place there, so placed beautiful, a waste of space, difficult to move, can not be clear at a glance; Moreover, the security problem, polishing machine placed, the line will change The staff will also be a West one, if a non-staff to enter the workplace are no one knows; so polisher work lines are straight, so that can be normal and safe production;

Second, the work of the ground

The working environment of the polishing machine must be dry, because the polishing machine operations need to use electricity, if the ground is wet or wet, then the electricity will encounter a short circuit of water, it may be an electric shock, it will be dangerous to the staff Life is safe, so the working ground must be waxed and dry hard ground;

Instructions for use

First, the location of the polishing machine to be flat, and then turn counterclockwise to turn out the clean pad folder clip out, coupled with a clean pad and ensure tightening;

Second, after receiving the power, you need to put down the handle and press the fuse after the start switch;

Third, the work is to pay attention to the surrounding people, especially children;

Fourth, waxing on the dry ground to be carried out;

5, polishing machine can be installed according to the needs of the user's electrical installation device, respectively, can be installed 2.2 kilowatts, 3 kilowatts, 4 kilowatts, 5.5 kilowatts, 7.5 kilowatts;

Six, polishing machine has four bearings, adjustable axial run;

7, the use of grinding wheel before the need to check whether the fastening phenomenon, and check for cracks, check the method is to use a mallet tapping, if issued a crisp sound is normal;


First, every day before work need to check the line is normal, and equipment is neat, the wire can not casually put;

Second, before the use of equipment to check the grinding block with or without defects and loose phenomenon;

Third, the use of polishing machine when the hands need to keep dry, it is best to wear gloves, can not be used with water or oil to touch the device to prevent electric shock;

Fourth, the equipment workplace should be reasonable, no longer allowed to work within the direction;

5, equipment failure can not be unauthorized removal, the need for professionals to carry out;

6, the equipment can not be replaced by the power cord, the power cord should not exceed 5 meters;

7, the protective cover of the device is no longer be damaged;