Polishing Machine Main Accessories

The polishing machine is also known as the grinder, which is often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: motor drive is installed in the polishing machine of the sponge or wool pads high-speed rotation, by both pads and polishes and carries on the friction and stay behind the surface, which can achieve remove paint contamination, oxide layer, shallow. The rotation speed of the disc is usually at 1500-3000 r/min, which is infinitely variable speed, and can be adjusted at any time according to need.

(1) there are two kinds of pneumatic and electric power sources. Pneumatic type is safe, but needs air source; It is easy to solve the power supply problem, but it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of electricity.

(2) it is divided into two functions: grinding sand/polishing machine and simple type polishing machine. Double - function industry USES grinding wheel polishing metal material, and can replace the disc to make car paint. This machine is heavier, it is 2-3 kg, but it is very stable and not easy to damage. The speed of this type of machine can be adjusted, suitable for professional beauty care personnel to use. The simple type polishing machine is actually drill, small volume, unadjustable rotating speed, and difficult to master the balance when used. Professional cosmetologists generally do not use such models.

(3) there are three kinds of high-speed polishing machine, medium speed polishing machine and low speed polishing machine according to the speed classification. The speed of the high-speed polishing machine is 1750-3000 r/mAn. The speed of medium speed polishing machine is 1 200 -- 1 600 r/rain, adjustable speed; The speed of low - speed polishing machine is 1 200r/min, the rotating speed is unadjustable.

Main accessories of polisher

The main attachment of the polishing machine is the disc. The disc is mounted on the polishing machine, which is combined with the grinding agent or polishing agent to finish the grinding and polishing work.

The classification of the disc

The connection mode of the disc and polishing machine can be divided into the following three types: bolt plate: suitable for the polishing machine with bolt joint. Nut plate: suitable for polishing machine with nut joint. Suction cup: suitable for the polishing machine with suction cup. The polishing machine of the head with a hard plastic with screws polyester chassis (also called tray), the chassis of the working face can be stuck with a nylon stick flat object easily, so you can choose according to need of various suction-cup pads, just throw the disc can be attached to the chassis, use rise very convenient.

The disc is classified by material

Fleece disc: the wool disc is the traditional cutting material, the abrasive ability is strong, the function is large, after the grind will leave the swirl. Generally used for the grinding and polishing of ordinary paint, use caution when used in transparent paint. Generally divided into white and yellow, the bottom of the disc is automatically pasted to realize the rapid conversion of the disc. The general white wool throwing disc has a strong cutting force, which can remove the serious defects of the paint, and make quick removal of the orange peel or the polishing mark with a thicker wax polish. The yellow wool throwing disc is less than white wool and the light is weak. It is usually used to polish the surface of the paint with fine wax and remove the polished marks and scratches. Maintenance instructions: clean the woolen disc with a comb brush or air nozzle regularly to remove the wax. If the wool disc sleeve is blocked in the operation, remove it, install a clean wool pan and continue to polish it. In the same time, the used woolen trays should be dried and washed with a comb brush. Caution should be used with warm water, do not use hot water, strong alkaline detergent or solvent rinse. Use a washing machine to clean only gently. It is usually better to use air to dry them, preferably not to dry them.

Sponge disc: its cutting force is weaker than the wool disc, leaving no swirl, which can effectively remove the defects of the medium paint. The polishing disc bottom has automatic paste, can quickly transform the polishing wheel. It can be used for the grinding and polishing of ordinary paint and transparent paint. It is usually used for polishing and waxing after wool polishing. The speed of the polishing machine is 1 500 ~ 2 500 r/rain, no more than 3, 000 r/min. The color can be divided into the following three kinds: yellow plate: generally made abrasive disk, hard, used to eliminate the oxidation film or scratches. White dish: generally make the disc, soft, delicate, to eliminate hair line scratches or polishing. Black dish: usually make restore dish, soft and soft, suitable for the car body for transparent paint polishing and general paint reduction. The disc can be divided into the following three types: straight cutting: fast, thermal and flexible, with a diameter of 152. 4 mm x 50. 8 mm. Flat cutting type: large area, good heat dissipation, relatively stable, diameter x thickness of 203. 2 inln x (25. 4 ~ 50. 8) mm. Corrugated type: the working fluid is not easy to splash, the diameter of x thickness is 203. 2 mm x (25. 4 ~ 38. 1) mm. Maintenance instructions: after rinsing in warm water, remove the moisture and place it in a clean place to dry. Do not use soap or detergent to wash, do not machine wash or dry cleaning, do not use comb brush or screwdriver clean sponge wheel.

The rabbit wool pads: rabbit hair pads cutting force between the wool pads and the sponge pads, at the bottom of the automatic paste, can be used in the polishing of ordinary car body paint and transparent paint, suggested polishing machine speed of 1 500 ~ 2500 r/min.