Polishing Machine Relatively Simple

Stainless steel tube polishing machine with high efficiency, Polishing Machine good surface roughness, stable performance. The machine wheel speed control (optional), so regardless of the size of the workpiece diameter, how much length, can get the ideal processing efficiency. The use of multi-stage polished layout, into the volume can be individually adjusted; host polishing head with a separate fully enclosed chassis, often need to adjust the parts are designed into a valve, easy to change, open appearance can choose a variety of polishing process specifications; Polishing head for a variety of abrasive installation and adjustment, and throwing size specifications range, Polishing Machine can be completed a variety of abrasive combination of polishing; stainless steel tube polishing machine feed frame with a chain drive, with small size, reliable transmission Etc

Stainless steel tube polishing machine polishing requirements, Polishing Machine to achieve automatic surface polishing, suitable for small parts, metal parts automatically polished surface gloss and remove the burr. One person can operate multiple devices. Mainly for handicraft processing plants, metal processing plants, sanitary processing plants and other customer groups to use. Such equipment is relatively simple operation, the operator skills required low, can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, Polishing Machine save production costs, improve product quality, reduce product quality differences.

Stainless steel tube polishing machine mechanism research and system theory is lacking, China's sample stainless steel tube polishing machine design and development should be suitable for China's specific national conditions, not only for China's vast metallographic workers on the metallographic sample stainless steel tube Polishing machine to meet the requirements of various performance, improve the quality of sample preparation and automation, Polishing Machine and should take into account the different levels of knowledge workers need to make the device to operate simple, safe and reliable, and should consider to minimize costs and improve performance and low cost , Polishing Machine So that the metallographic sample polishing machine in a variety of sizes, various types of enterprise laboratories have been applied and popularized to promote the development of China's metallographic career. Round pipe polishing machine can change the feed speed of the workpiece, so that the workpiece to achieve the desired grinding and polishing effect.

Polished cloth wheel in order to achieve the best results, Polishing Machine polishing machine required polishing cloth round in the material and size to be prepared with the requirements. Polishing machine motor power determines the size of the polishing wheel, the motor shaft must be matched with the diameter of the polishing wheel. Place the polishing wheel in the center of the shaft and tighten it with a wrench. Polishing wheel surface speed uniformity to get the best polishing effect, so if you use too much polishing wheel with a smaller motor, Polishing Machine when the polishing speed will drop a lot of polishing effect will be affected.

To check the electrical circuit regularly, find damaged or damaged, to be replaced immediately. To regularly check the various parts of the equipment, found to be loose or not reliable, to be timely reinforcement. Polishing Machine But also regularly in the oil hole to add lubricants, start work before the test machine, to avoid the inside of the machine there are debris, affecting the operation of machinery and life. After the operation, to clean up the machine to keep the equipment clean.

Found that the circuit appears damaged, inside exposed, Polishing Machine aging in a timely manner when the professional electrical maintenance. It is forbidden to work in a working environment. When there is a problem with the parts of the machine, it is necessary to purchase the same standard parts for replacement. It is forbidden to carry out the work if the machine has problems.Polishing Machine When the machine appears more serious problems, we must promptly contact with the manufacturers.