Polishing Machine Technical Challenge

In general, Polishing Machine the polishing process on the surface of the workpiece is relatively easy, Polishing Machine but the workpiece within the burr polishing has been a lot of customers difficult to break through the technical problems. All kinds of special-shaped pipe aperture size is not the same, Polishing Machine so deal with more difficult. In order to solve this problem, Dongguan Guangsheng source polishing machine, developed and produced a chamfer deburring polishing machine, the customer can be described as timely help!

The deburring polishing machine is mainly used for polishing the polishing film in the workpiece, Polishing Machine oil, metal rust, weld mark, crevice and burr in the hole. It is widely used in precision stamping parts, stainless steel parts, screws, magnesium aluminum die casting parts, Polishing Machine zinc Aluminum die-casting parts, precision springs, shrapnel parts, electronics, computers, Polishing Machine communication parts, walking heart, pass, CNC automatic lathe parts, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace precision parts and other fine polishing.

The chamfering deburring machine is a professional chamfering deburring machine designed for batch machining environments. The unique one-piece swivel deburring machine is designed to form a multi-faceted chamfer and a glitch, Effectively solve the hole can not chamfer the problem, while the processing of debris generated in a timely manner to exclude, to bring great convenience to customers.

Mechanical polishing machine is divided into electric and pneumatic two kinds of electric polishing machine described a large and adjustable, power, grinding and polishing effect is better, Polishing Machine pay attention to the machine's power, for beginners, Always pay attention to the state of the machine, so as not to damage the paint.

Variable speed polishing machine is a set of grinding and polishing as one of the equipment, the installation of grinding disc can be carried out grinding operations, Polishing Machine polishing disc can be installed polishing operations. Variable speed polishing machine is through the rotating grinding disc or polishing disc to smooth and polished paint to remove the small paint defects, and improve the brightness.

Polishing machine consists of base, selling, polishing fabric, polishing hood and cover and other basic components.

The motor is fixed to the base, and the dip sleeve for the fixed disc is connected to the motor shaft by screws. The polished fabric is fastened to the polishing disc by the ferrule. Polishing Machine After the motor is turned on by the switch on the base, the pressure is applied to the specimen by hand to polish the rotating polishing disc.

The polishing solution added during the polishing process can flow into the square plate placed beside the polishing machine through the drain pipe in the plastic tray fixed to the base.

Polishing hoods and covers prevent dust and other debris from falling on the polished fabric when the machine is not in use.

The key to polishing machine operation is to try to get the maximum polishing rate in order to remove the damage layer that is generated when polished as soon as possible. Polishing Machine But also to make the polishing layer does not affect the final observation of the organization, that is, will not cause false tissue. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive to ensure a greater polishing rate to remove the polished damage layer, but the polishing layer is also deep; the latter requires the use of the finest material, Polishing Machine so that the polishing layer is lighter, but polished Low rate.

The best way to solve this contradiction is to divide the polishing into two stages. Rough cast is to remove the polished damage layer, this stage should have the largest polishing rate, the rough formation of the surface damage is a secondary consideration, but also should be as small as possible; Polishing Machine followed by fine throw (or final throw) The purpose is to remove rough surface damage caused by rough throwing, so that polishing damage to a minimum.