Solvent Printer Active On The Market

Solvent Printer UV printer ink is in recent years began to be active in the market printing ink, UV ink into the printing industry has brought new hope for the printing industry can be called almost a milestone. Because UV ink applications change the traditional process, expanding the application areas, Solvent Printer to achieve the traditional process can not solve the problem.

In the structure, the UV ink pigment particles less than 1 micron in diameter, without volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, non-irritating odor, to ensure that the ink in the printing process without clogging nozzle phenomenon, print smooth, Dry, fast curing Rich color, gloss, Solvent Printer high saturation, strong sense of production, superior color expression. At present UV ink can be more difficult to achieve in some of the glass, tile, acrylic, leather and other materials can be printed.

1. Environmental protection: the traditional printing business caused by the pollution are generally more serious, and UV ink environmental protection is to improve this point, Solvent Printer but also conform to the needs of market development.

2. Dry fast: UV ink application Universal printing will be equipped with an LED UV cold light, in the printing process by direct exposure to UV ink directly curing, to achieve the hit that is dry, convenient and fast.

3. Anti-ultraviolet ability: light level to 7-8, Solvent Printer the lowest outdoor three years.

UV flatbed printer, known as UV Flatbed Printer, UV flatbed printer, also known as universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer, breaking the bottleneck of digital printing technology, to achieve a true sense of a printed, no plate, full color image once completed, Solvent Printer is the traditional printing The UV flatbed printer is a combination of inkjet printing and UV printing. The UV flatbed printer consists of three systems, Solvent Printer including a vacuum adsorption system, an ink supply system and an electrical system.

 UV flatbed printer and ordinary flatbed printer is the main difference between the use of UV light or LED lamp UV curing corresponding UV ink, Solvent Printer UV ink in a short time to quickly solidify the image, highlighting the sense of relief, is the past weak solvent flat printer can not do The

Proper use and maintenance can prevent inkjet ink from printing too quickly. Solvent Printer Excessive consumption of ink cartridges may be due to the following incorrect operation:

1. Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.

2. Always turn off the printer by unplugging the power cord from the outlet.

3. The printer is forcibly turning off the printer while printing. Solvent Printer Close the printer when the print head rests or when the initial position is blocked.

As long as the effective to overcome the above several bad habits, then in the days to make the "you" ink becomes more durable.