Solvent Printer Advantage

Solvent printer Word-of-mouth is not very good, but in fact should not be so. Solvent Printer At least in outdoor applications, its status should not be the case. Then there are a few questions. What is the most significant area of solvent-based printers?

solvent-based and weakly solvent-based printers have been used for years in outdoor durability printing. They protect images that can withstand the effects of environmental factors for a long time, Solvent Printer enabling them to maintain their initial popularity in the field of outdoor printing.

Solvent-based and weak solvent-based printing in the outdoor printing of the most significant, such as car cladding, outdoor playground logo and other occasions. However, there are many kinds of technologies in the main areas of the interior, fortunately, the durability of solvent-based printing makes it a place in outdoor printing.

Multi-function is one of the advantages of weak solvent-based printing, the basic purpose of wide platform printing is to provide end users with new options, products and functions.

A large amount of available media and Ink provides an unlimited opportunity for print service providers. The product output durability of the weak solvent-based printer is very good, Solvent Printer making this type of printer an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor applications. Using Roland Eco-sol Max and Eco-sol Max 2 inks produced by printing in the case of not being laminated can persist outdoors for more than 3 years.

How can print service providers make solvent or weak solvent-based printing more efficient? If a print service provider wants to have more output investment, it is essential to have a product feature that is different from a generic printer.

Almost any wide inkjet printer can be printed on white media. Solvent Printer However, the ability to use ink to create images on clean films has a distinctly different effect on labeling. Today, weak solvent inks offer more options than a single ink.

In addition to being able to match a large number of substrates, these inks also provide a rich ink capacity for the user to achieve stunning results, such as white ink or metal ink. Solvent Printer Metal ink Creates "stop-and-stop" images, reaching a 30% profit growth, demonstrating the ability of end users to understand different products and measuring the viability of a larger investment.

Such printers can print outdoor logos, Solvent Printer posters, wallpaper, trade exhibition booths and indoor logos, such as the persistence of high-resolution, high-quality images, so that it can be used in different markets, different sizes of shops, Solvent Printer to create a large number of standards and characteristics of the application.