Solvent Printer Application Fields

Solvent Printer UV printer Ink is in recent years only began to active in the market printing inks, UV ink into the printing industry has brought new hope for the printing industry can be called almost a milestone. Because the application of UV ink changed the traditional technology, expanding the application of the field, Solvent Printer to achieve the traditional technology can not solve the problem.

So why is UV ink popular with so many people? Then we have to start with the structure and the performance.

In the structure, UV ink pigment particle diameter is less than 1 microns, do not contain volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, no irritant odor, can ensure that the ink in * * * printing process without clogging the nozzle phenomenon, printing smooth, that is, spray dry, curing fast. Rich and gaudy luster, gloss, high saturation, strong sense of production, superior color expression. At present, Solvent Printer UV ink can be difficult to achieve in some of the glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, leather and other materials can be printed.

UV ink is so popular, in addition to the above its free structure also has the following characteristics:

1. Environmental protection: Traditional printing enterprises caused by pollution is generally more serious, and the environmental protection of UV ink is to improve this point, Solvent Printer but also comply with the needs of market development.

2. Fast drying: UV Ink Application Universal printing will be equipped with a LED UV light, in the process of printing through direct UV ink direct curing, Solvent Printer to achieve that is, easy and fast.

3. Anti-UV capability: Sun-resistant level reached 7-8, outdoor minimum three years.

UV Ink Properties:

1, hue, viscosity, fineness, curing speed, curing energy, solid content;

2, UV ink performance and application;

3, applicability, yellowing resistance, Solvent Printer water resistance, wear resistance, softness, acid and alkali, adhesion.

UV Ink features are:

1, do not contain volatile organic solvents, small pollution, do not damage the health of people, no explosion-proof devices, no waste water treatment equipment.

2. There is no inconsistency between the thickness of the printing ink film due to the volatilization of solvents, and the printing of the substrate is not concerned about the damage of solvents, ink quality stability.

3, ink instantaneous drying, Solvent Printer shorten the reaction time. Can organize the rapid printing production line, * * Improve printing efficiency.

4, printing ink saving, most UV ink compared to the traditional ink can improve the $number printing area.

5, ink does not plug the net, more conducive to fine product printing.

6, with better printing effect and printability.