Solvent Printer Easy To Use

Bluetooth printer is the application of Bluetooth technology in the printer, to get rid of the inconvenience caused by the printer connection, to achieve wireless printing, Solvent Printer can reduce the unpleasant cable on the desktop, and can be removed from the host to move the printer, placed in the room suitable position.

Bluetooth technical specifications Globally unified, Bluetooth printer can be widely used in member software, read the membership card number, police, government, Solvent Printer environmental protection, health, testing and other industries, such as mobile printing and output occasions.

Dental technology is an instant technology, it does not require a fixed infrastructure, and easy to install and set up, do not need cable to achieve the connection, Solvent Printer the use is very convenient, simply complete the pairing can be put into use, the operation threshold is lower.

Compared to infrared and other methods, Bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed, Bluetooth 4.0 theory of the highest speed of 24Mbps.

Although there are many advantages, but due to Bluetooth transmission protocol and the other 2.4G devices, the same frequency of the signal, which will inevitably lead to signal interference between the situation. In addition, Solvent Printer the Bluetooth protocol is not a free technology, and any manufacturer who uses the technology has to pay a patent fee to the organization, Solvent Printer and that part of the cost will be reflected in the cost.

There are more printer products on the market, Solvent Printer while Bluetooth printers are relatively small. The so-called Bluetooth printer, refers to the host side with a single chip computer to simulate the work of the printer, interception from the host and the mouth outgoing data and control signals, Solvent Printer and through the Bluetooth wireless connection to the printer end. MCU on the side of the printer is based on the Bluetooth data received to simulate the host to the printer control operation, Solvent Printer so that the printer and the host Bluetooth wireless connection. Because most of mobile devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets) have Bluetooth chip, do not need data cable connection can be quickly recognized, easy to operate, easy to connect.