Solvent Printer More Benefits

In recent years, solvent-based printer reputation is not very good, but in fact should not be the case. At least in outdoor applications, its status should not be the case. Solvent Printer Then there are a few questions. What is the most significant area of solvent-based printers? When do they become economic choices? solvent-based printers How to ensure that service providers gain more benefits?

Experts interpret the market's evaluation of solvent-based printing is not very bad. "To tell you the truth, I did not hear the solvent-type printing bad reputation," said Epson's Matt Mccausland, "We mentioned the weak solvent-based printers, in the description of Epson Surecolor series printers, Solvent Printer should not use ' bad reputation ' to describe, they are specifically designed for outdoor durability use."

Pigments are chemically solvent, and when it hits the paper, it penetrates into the medium. When the solvent is evaporated during heating, the pigments are still retained in the medium, Solvent Printer which is why it is widely used outdoors. Outdoors, you need paint to keep it going for long.

solvent-based and weakly solvent printers have been used for years in outdoor durability printing. Their ability to protect images has long resisted the impact of environmental factors, which maintain their initial popularity in the field of outdoor printing.

Solvent-based and weak solvent-based printing in the outdoor printing of the most significant, such as car cladding, outdoor playground logo and other occasions. However, there are many kinds of technologies in the main areas of the interior, fortunately, the durability of solvent-based printing makes it a place in outdoor printing.

Ink-jet printing process of wire drawing, Solvent Printer drip ink, Solvent Printer infiltration ink, flying ink, hanging ink and other common problems, can correctly identify and deal with inkjet equipment alarm fault.

The training work is mainly aimed at the above problems, and must do real training, after the actual exercise assessment can be post.

2. Personnel discipline and system management. In addition to those who have been allowed in and out, other personnel without the approval of the director of the process shop to enter the inkjet room, inkjet printing workers negative supervision and management responsibility.

3, inkjet software parameters in addition to the designated training of the ink-jet controller, the rest of the operator should not be arbitrarily modified to prevent the parameter changes affect the normal operation of inkjet equipment. Periodically back up each configuration file on the machine so that the system can recover various settings quickly and resume production as a result of an unexpected crash. Solvent Printer Ink-Jet Device USB interface is prohibited to plug u disk, generally only inserted after the anti-virus treatment of the special Memory stick, Solvent Printer or the system was virus invasion, easy to lead to computer operating system and inkjet software system failure or error.

4, equipment failure, must be handled by professional maintenance personnel. Machine failure, or pull line seriously in the cleaning nozzle is invalid, immediately stop the ink-jet supervisor to deal with. Due to the thickness of the brick, layer, glaze billet slag caused by the machine alarm, should stop the rise of the nozzle, Solvent Printer the thickness of the adobe out of ink-jet machine. Solvent Printer And check the nozzle has no scratches, printing status diagram showings, do the relevant records. Timely notice glaze line to deal with the problem of super thick brick, such as processing time more than min must call the technician or supervisor to notify the processing.