Solvent Printer Principle

UV flatbed printer, known as UV Flatbed Printer, UV flatbed printer, Solvent Printer also known as universal flatbed printer or flatbed printer, breaking the bottleneck of digital printing technology, to achieve a true sense of a printed, no plate, full color image once completed, Solvent Printer is the traditional printing The UV flatbed printer is a combination of inkjet printing and UV printing. The UV flatbed printer consists of three systems, Solvent Printer including vacuum adsorption systems, ink supply systems and electrical systems.

UV flatbed printer and ordinary flatbed printer is the main difference between the use of UV light or LED lamp UV curing corresponding UV ink, Solvent Printer UV ink in a short time to quickly solidify the image, highlighting the sense of relief, is the past weak solvent flat printer can not do The

In recent years, solvent-borne printer reputation is not very good, but it should not be the case. At least in outdoor applications, Solvent Printer its status should not be so. Solvent Printer Then to draw a few questions. What is the most interesting area for solvent-based printers? When will they become an economic option? How does a solvent-borne printer guarantee that the service provider gets more benefits?

Solvent-based and weak solvent-based printers have been used for many years in outdoor durability printing. They protect images from long-term resistance to environmental factors, which maintain their initial popularity in the field of outdoor printing.

Solvent-based and weak solvent-based printing in the outdoor print the most significant, such as car coating, open field signs and other occasions. However, Solvent Printer there are many kinds of techniques in the main areas of the room, and fortunately, Solvent Printer the durability of solvent-based printing makes it a place in outdoor printing.

Versatility is a major advantage of weak solvent-based printing. Solvent Printer The fundamental purpose of wide-format printing is to provide new options, Solvent Printer products and features for end users.

A large number of available media and inks provide unlimited opportunities for print service providers. Solvent Printer Weak solvent-based printer product output durability is very good, making these printers become outdoor and indoor applications, the ideal choice. Solvent Printer Printing with Roland Eco-Sol MAX and Eco-Sol MAX 2 ink can be done indoors for more than 3 years without being laminated.

How can print service providers make solvent-based or weak solvent-based printing more efficient? If a print service provider wants to have more output investment, it is vital to have product features that are different from the average printer.

Almost any wide inkjet printer can print on white media. However, Solvent Printer the ability to create images on a clean film with white ink gives a markedly different effect. Today, weak solvent ink can provide more options than a single ink.

In addition to being able to match a large number of substrates, these inks provide users with a wealth of ink capabilities, enabling images to achieve astonishing effects such as white ink or metal inks. Metal ink created a "stop" image, reaching a 30% profit growth, Solvent Printer demonstrating the ability of end users to understand different products while measuring the viability of making larger investments.